My #FirstCarMoment with a 1978 Honda Accord

By the time it got to me, Uncle George's 1978 Honda Accord had plenty of miles on the speedometer. No worries, it was my first car and a well maintained Honda is solid as oak, regardless of the mileage. It was burgundy red, with red velour cloth seats and manual transmission.

I loved that car! It never let me down. Not surprisingly I've had eight different Hondas since then, each one endowed with the same solid steadfast reliability as my #FirstCarMoment.

Sooner or later those kids will be hitting the open road with the enthusiasm and excitement of the young at heart. You've got to let them go, you've to set them free but if you're a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or older sibling you have to make sure they're ready.

And to help your #teendriver be the best driver possible, enroll them in a Tire Rack Street Survival class.

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