More Grip for Your 2015 Ford Mustang Fastback GT Performance Pack

As we saw for ourselves at Willow Springs, Ford has done an awewsome job with brand new S550 2015 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack!

As you can see in the video, the driver had a great lap, but even the best cars can desire more grip. How about swapping on some custom fit closeout matte graphite 20x10 ET40 Hotckis Y-Sports on Extreme Performance Summer Hankook Ventus R-S3 (Version 2)? Please note this a custom fit package which means the wheels and tires will clear the brakes and suspension but it will be further outwards the fenders compared to the factory set-up (fender modifications may be necessary). Center caps won't work on the front wheels because they won't clear the front hubs. The following chart compares the Original Equipment to the Hotchkis and Hankook combination:

Tire and Wheel Combination Tire size Rim Size Overall Diameter  Wt
O.E. 19" Front Pirelli Pzero on O.E. Performance Pack Wheel 255/40-19 19x9 ET 45 27.1" 61
O.E. 19" Rear Pirelli Pzero on O.E. Performance Pack Wheel 275/40-19 19x9.5 ET 52.5 27.7" 64
Hankook R-S3 (Version 2) 20" Front on Hotchkis Y-Sport 285/35-20 20x10 ET 40 27.9" 63
Hankook R-S3 (Version 2) 20" Rear on Hotchkis Y-Sport 305/30-20 20x10 ET 40 28.5" 65

Features and Benefits:

  • We add 30 mm (about 1") more rubber in the front and rear, while maintaining the same width stagger to avoid abnormal amounts of understeeer and oversteer.
  • We get more tire without much extra weight - only approximately 3 lbs. more rotational weight (front) and approximately 2 lbs. more rotational weight (rear).
  • The Hankook Ventus RS-3 Version 2 offers more dry grip.
Closeout 20x10 ET40 Matte Graphite Silver Hotchkis Y-Sport $99*
20x10 ET40 Matte Graphite Silver
Hotchkis Y-Sport
285/35-20 Front & 305/35-20 Rear Extreme Performance Hankook RS-3 (Version 2)
285/35R20 Front & 305/35R20 Rear Hankook Ventus R-S3 (Version 2)

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