Why is the Same Tire Listed Twice?

While researching tires on your website, you may see the same tire listed twice. For example, in the 225/65-17 size, you'll see a $173* Michelin Latitude Tour and a $182* Michelin Latitude Tour. Are these two tires really identical? Or are there differences? One of the options (the Latitude Tour currently listed at $173) is an Original Equipment tire used on the 2012 Chevrolet Equinox LS. The other Michelin option (currently listed for $182) is the "normal" version of the Latitude Tour.

What are the technical differences between the two versions? With these two tires, there are differences in each tire's load carrying capacity, treadwear rating and weight. The non-Original Equipment Latitude Tour has a 100T service description, while the GM variant Latitude Tour has a 102T service description. A load index of 100 equals 1,764 lbs. of load carry capacity and 102 carries 1,874 lbs. The Original Equipment tire has a treadwear rating of 720 compared to a 600 rating on the "normal" Latitude Tour. Each tire is offered with a 65,000 mile treadwear warranty. The Latitude Tour with the 100T service description has two polyester plies and a 30 pound weight, where the GM variant Latitude Tour has one polyester sidewall ply and a 25 pound weight.

To summarize, both tires are similar; however the Original Equipment version of the tire should wear better and has less carrying capacity.

If you're replacing one or two tires, you should try to stay with the version you currently have so you have the same grip on each corner of the vehicle. When replacing four tires, either option will work, unless the O.E. variant is for a vehicle that's markedly different than yours.

Michelin Latitude Tour $173*
Michelin Latitude Tour $173*
Michelin Latitude Tour $182*
Michelin Latitude Tour $182*

225/65-17 Michelin Latitude Tour FAQ:

  1. The "normal" Latitude Tour is listed as being on backorder, how long will this last? Backorder means that the tire is on order, but the tire manufacturer can't provide an approximate in-stock date. We can make a projection based upon the last ship date and whether or not a production run is scheduled and past patterns. We are constantly following up with the tire manufacturers for up-to-date information. Since there is no production run scheduled, we project this tire will be available in approximately two or three months.
  2. I have a third-generation (2007-2011) Honda CRV, which version of the Latitude Tour do you recommend? Also, does the GM variant Latitude Tour have enough carrying capacity? I'd choose the GM variant tire because the 5 lbs. of weight savings is substantial. Fuel economy will vary with several parameters, but if everything else remains the same, shedding 5 lbs. of weight will provide a measurable improvement. 

    As far as weight carrying capacity, the CRV has a gross axle weight rating of 2,226 in the front and 2,290 on the rear. So each tire must carry 1,141 lbs. to meet minimum spec. At 1,764 lbs. (1,605 with the standard SUV and truck adjustment), either tire has more than enough capacity.

*Prices subject to change

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