Meet the New Ford Escape

If there's one vehicle that brought the sport utility vehicle (SUV) into the mainstream, it was the Ford Explorer. As gas prices have risen, CUVs have gradually been overtaking the SUV as a popular option. Therefore, Ford has been busy manufacturing the new 2013 Ford Escape CUV.

From the photo above, you can tell Ford has done a great job with the new Escape. Depending on engine choice and trim level, the 2013 Escape wheel choices range from 17" steel wheels to 19" alloys. The Escape is simply too good looking of a vehicle to spend its life on drab steel wheels. If your new Escape came with Original Equipment steel wheels, consider new 17" alloys.

Tire Rack offers a large variety of choices so you're bound to find something you like. There's one wheel that really stands out as a great match for the new Escape's smooth, organic and modern styling, the Rial Catania.

Whether you go with the Catania or something different, you'll improve on the basic steel wheels. What's the end result? A better looking Escape, of course!

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