Making the New 2015 Ice Silver Metallic Subaru BRZ Premium Better

I liked my 2013 Honda Civic Si because it was a fun, quick and capable car with a moonroof. While the Civic Si was nice, it simply did not stir my soul the way my old BRZ did. So I said goodbye to my Civic Si and picked up a 2015 ice silver metallic Subaru BRZ Premium.

The changes Subaru made to the BRZ in 2015 are outstanding. A shark fin antenna gives the car a much cleaner look, while the ice silver metallic paint reminds me of the nordic mist metallic of my old Honda Prelude SH. 2015 also brought an improved suspension compared to 2013. The 2015 feels just as tight and maneuverable, but Subaru did much better dampening high-velocity piston movements so the car settles back down over tar strips and road imperfections instead of crashing down like my 2013 seemed to do.

As for tires, both my BRZs came with the Michelin Primacy HP Touring summer tire as Original Equipment. I quickly changed over to the 225/45R17 Michelin Pilot Super Sports that were used on my old BRZ and 2013 Honda Civic Si. The tire provides a great combination of steering response, very good dry grip, great wet grip, versatility and relatively low tread noise. 

As summer ends, I decided I wanted something new for the last few weeks and next year, so I purchased a set of 215/45R17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R. While not tested on the track yet, I can feel the shorter gearing and lower center of gravity of the 215/45R17 Original Equipment size compared to the slightly wider and taller 225/45R17. There's definitely a tradeoff in road manners, but I suspect I'll see better track times at Gingerman. And you got to love that!

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