Is the Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology or ExtremeContact DWS Your Best Choice?

Germany is known for many things, including awesome cars, but their tires are pretty good, too. Based in Hanover, Germany, Continental has plants all over the world with plants in Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and North Carolina. A few of Continental's great offerings include:

For drivers who reside in states with fair weather, the superior wet and dry grip of the Continental ExtremeContact DW makes it a great choice. However, if you have a long commute and are willing to give up some at-the-limit grip for better treadwear, take a look at the ExtremeContact DWS. For moderate drivers who experience light snow conditions, you'll want to consider the ExtremeContact DWS and PureContact with EcoPlus Technology. 

Ultra High Performance All-Season
Continental ExtremeContact
Grand Touring All-Season Continental PureContact
Continental PureContact with EcoPlus

Typically, Grand Touring All-Season tires ride better and are quieter options, but lack steering response. There are always exceptions to the rule and in this case, a few tires that outperform their category. For example, the Ultra High Performance All-Season Continental ExtremeContact DWS rides well and is a relatively quiet tire. And in the Grand Touring All-Season performance categeory, Continental's PureContact with EcoPlus Technology is known for handling responsively.

In general, what are the critical differences between the PureContact with EcoPlus Technology and ExtremeContact DWS? We don't test across different performance categories so there's no hard data to analyze, but we have enough seat time from separate summer and winter tests to judge them. We feel that the PureContact with EcoPlus Technology comes out ahead in overall snow performance, tread and impact noise, treadwear and ride comfort.

Attribute PureContact ExtremeContact DWS
Overall snow advantage  
Noise - tread and impact advantage  
Treadwear advantage  
Ride comfort advantage  
Wet traction pretty close pretty close
Dry traction   advantage
Steering response   advantage
Overall handling   advantage

To see if any of these tires are available for you car, shop by vehicle.

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