Great Grip at Great Pricing - Closeout Pricing on Hankook Ventus R-S3

Although Extreme Performance Summer tires have stepped up their game, the old stalwarts of the category still provide great dry grip for your fun car. Like all Extreme Performance Summer tires, the Hankook R-S3 emphasizes dry grip and steering response at the expense of wear, ride compliance and tread noise. It's a great tire for spirited drivers. The R-S3 has always provided a great mix of dry performance and value. Now, closeout pricing in select sizes has made a great deal even better.

Do you have a PCA lapping day coming up for your 911? 285/35ZR18 tires have been marked down to $159*, 235/35ZR19s to $182 and 305/30ZR19s to $229*. Did you just pick up a Nissan 370Z? The 225/40ZR19 is currently available for $149* and the 245/40ZR19 for $159*.

You may also notice that some R-S3 tire specs show a 140 UTQG Treadwear rating, where others are now 200 rated. When the Ventus R-S3 was introduced in the spring of 2009, Hankook assigned the 140 rating to match the UTQG Treadwear rating required by existing competition rules. However, subsequent Hankook wear data revealed the tire line provided equivalent wear to its predecessor (Ventus R-S2) and earned the same 200 Treadwear rating. This has also been supported by Tire Rack survey results and customer feedback that indicate Ventus R-S3 tires provide equivalent wear to other tires already featuring similar UTQG Treadwear ratings. Where there was no change in compound or internal construction, some of the 140 rated tires are now discounted a little to help clear them out.

*Prices subject to change


Thursday, February 27, 2014 by andrew

Are these tires being discontinued?
Monday, March 3, 2014 by cy


The tires referenced in this blog are Closeout old production date tires, so once we sell out of these Closeout’s they will no longer be available.

The Hankook RS-3 is being revised so that RS-3’s produced after January 1st 2014 will have their new compound. Based on Hankook’s internal testing, the new compound will: 1) come up to optimal temperature faster, have more dry grip and much better wet grip.

Hankook isn’t planning on the changing the name, tread design or sidewall marking so when we receive the new compound tires in April/May (estimated) we’ll call them the Hankook RS-3 Version 2.

Thanks. Cy.

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