Fine Tune Your Jeep Cherokee Wheel Choice Based on Vehicle Color, Wheel Style and Overall Look

When Jeep reintroduced the Cherokee in 2014, they didn't go retro. They went bold. The current Cherokee has a pointed hood with sharp, angular body lines that make it nothing like the older XJ model.

Polarizing as its design might be, the new Cherokee has been a smash hit. The good folks in Toledo made over 200,000 of them in 2015 alone. Although the design has grown on me, the Latitude's trim level 17" wheel seems out of place. It's a nice wheel, but the vehicle could look better with a new set! You'll want something that better fits the vibe of your sporty futuristic Cherokee.

You can view all wheel options, but take some time and find the ones you really like. Then make your final decision based on the differences in fit, overall style and wheel finish. Your Original Equipment wheels are 7" wide with a 41 mm offset. You will next want to narrow your favorites based on width and offset. As for wheel finishes, consider how a given finish works or doesn't work with your Cherokee's color. If I were choosing, I'd go with the 17x7.5 35mm offset machined with black accent Andros Spec S.

The 7.5" width fits fine on your 225/60R17 Original Equipment tire size. With only a 6 mm (1/4") difference in offset, it laterally fills out your wheelwell without being too far out. Also, the machined spokes give enough brightness so that we don't end up with a domineering vibe. 

Now you can take your Jeep anywhere, and have style, too!

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