Double Your Goodyear Rebate Using Your Goodyear Credit Card

In response to many loyal Goodyear customer requests, we are now accepting the Goodyear Credit Card for Goodyear tires and other items on our website. Don't have a Goodyear Credit Card? Apply for one here. As a Goodyear card holder, you'll be able to double your Dunlop and Goodyear mail-in rebates. Since Goodyear owns the Dunlop brand, many Goodyear promotions will apply to select Dunlop tires as well.

Let's say you're looking for new wheels and tires for your new 2016 modern steel metallic Honda Civic LX Coupe. The LX Coupe comes with 215/55R16 Grand Touring All-Season tires on 16x7 ET 45 machined face with back accent alloys. Honda equips EX-L, EX-T and Touring Civic Coupes with 215/50R17 Grand Touring All-Season tires on 17x7 ET 45 wheels, so changing over to 17s on your LX Coupe is a natural upgrade that parallels what Honda has done with this particular trim level.

Most drivers are happiest if they stay with wheel choices that initially catch their eye. So quickly scan through all the wheel choices listed for your LX Coupe to find your favorites. If you find that it's hard to decide amongst your favorites, see addition details on how offset and wheel width will subtly affect how a given wheel will look. Pair them with 235/45R17 Ultra High Performance All-Season Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Seasons to complete your style makeover.


Saturday, August 26, 2017 by Florenio rivera

I love goodyear good servicre and my family there go to good years too

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