Can't Find Tires for Your Scion xD? Expand your Choices with the 205/55R16 Alternative Size

In the Scion family, the FR-S gets the most buzz, the xB evokes the most polarizing opinions, the iQ draws the most attention and the tC typically sells the best. The Scion xD gets overlooked as it provides practicality, dependability and efficiency, while simply getting the job done.

If you drive an xD, I'm sure you've been happy with its reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance. The only area where things get a little tough is in choosing replacement tires. Scion has equipped the xD with the rare 195/60-16 size as Original Equipment. There are only six options available, with two of them being winter / snow tires. This severely limits your chances of finding the tire you may be looking for.

No worries, you can run the 205/55R16 alternate size instead. It fits on your original wheels, doesn't rub on the wheel wells, has a comparable overall diameter and won't affect overall performance. In the 205/55R16 size, you'll find 166 choices to choose from.

Search by size and find the best tire for how and where you drive your xD.


Friday, June 14, 2013 by Jay

Will putting on 205/55r16 affect warranty on vehicle?
Friday, June 14, 2013 by cy

Jay, Scion will be the ultimate arbitrator on warranty. That being said any claim that tire size effected the vehicle would be baseless. Since the overall tire diameter is essentially the same, (25.2" OE vs 24.9"), there is no significant effect on the car. Since we work very closely with tire companies and automobile manufacturers, the industry as a whole trusts our suggestions. It's not uncommon for dealers to refer consumers directly to our website. Thanks. Cy.
Thursday, May 11, 2017 by Steve

Old thread but hoping this gets a reply. My 2013 Scion IQ has an odd size tire, 175/60 16, which only has 1 choice available. I'm not happy with that choice so am wondering if a 185/55 16 would work. Slightly wider, .39"and just a tiny bit smaller diameter.

Any advice on this size or is there a better alternative size?

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