205/50-16 Tires for Your Honda Fit Sport

Every once in awhile a car rolls out with an unusual size, leaving drivers with few replacement tire choices. Those of you who own a 2009+ Honda Fit Sport know what I'm talking about. Interested in having more choices for your vehicle? If you are, consider switching to a 205/50-16 tire where there are more options compared to the Original Equipment size (185/55-16). The 205/50-16 size is 20mm (about 8/10") wider and 1/10" larger in diameter and will fit on your O.E. 16x6 wheel without rubbing your fenders or wheel wells.

There are basic variables that need to be considered when choosing the proper tire: balance, longevity, the tire's grip, steering response, tread noise and ride compliance are just a few. We also have to assess how the tire performs in the rain, snow or in dry conditions based on the climate where you reside. Finally, it's also helpful to reflect on the traits you like and dislike with your current tire.

Using the hypothetical situation of Freddy from Fremont, California and John from El Paso, Texas, let's determine a few good choices for their 2009 Honda Fit Sports. Freddy drives approximately 8,000 miles a year and tends to drive 15-20 mph above the speed limit and also loves to attack the exit ramps. John drives 25,000 miles annually and keeps his speedometer at the posted speed limits.

Two great choices for Freddy are the Ultra High Performance Summer Yokohama S.drive and the Max Performance Summer Continental ExtremeContact DW. Both tires offer great dry and wet grip that allow him to take curves at fast speeds. 

205/50-16 Yokohama S.drive
205/50-16 Yokohama S.drive
205/50-16 Continental ExtremeContact DW
205/50-16 Continental ExtremeContact DW

When it comes time to selecting tires for John, the following two options will be good since he has a different driving style than Freddy: the Ultra High Performance All-Season Kumho Ecsta 4X and the Grand Touring All-Season General AltiMAX HP.  Both tires match John's preferences for less tread noise and better treadwear.

205/50-16 Kumho Ecsta 4X
205/50-16 Kumho Ecsta 4X
205/50-16 General AltiMAX HP
205/50-16 General AltiMAX HP
To see how a change in your tire size can have an effect on your fuel economy, read "Tire Rolling Resistance Part 2: Defining Rolling Resistance."


Thursday, March 8, 2012 by RICK

Would the switch to 205/50/16 from the Dunlop O.E.M 185/55/16 on my 2012 Honda Fit Sport improve handing and fill up the wheel well?

However, will the switch give me a Harder ride?

And finally, will swithcing from the Dunlop OEM decrease "washboard" road noise?

Thanks! Rick
Thursday, March 8, 2012 by Cy

When you say fill up the wheel well, do you mean vertically or laterally? The amount of gap between the top of tire and the bottom of the wheel well remains the same. The wider tire helps slightly in laterally filling out the wheel well.

As for a ride compliance difference, there's no effect. Since 185/55-15 and 205/50-16 still have the same overall 24" diameter, the sidewall thickness is the same. With 24" overall tire diameter and 16" wheel, each sidewall is 4 inches (24 minus 16 divided by 2).
Thursday, March 22, 2012 by sarge18

I have a 2012 base fit,and would like to change the 15" wheels to 16" wheels. please advice
Friday, March 23, 2012 by Cy

Please see available 16" wheels by clicking on Wheels Tab within our Upgrade Garage. We have a wide variety of options. We'll still use 205/50-16 as the tire size. Which wheel should you get? It really depends on what you like and how a particular wheel finish works with the color of your car - what color is your Fit?
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 by Brian

Just purchased a 09 Fit Sport. Live in PA and was thinking about having a set of summer tires and a set of rims and snow tires for winter. What would you recommend for the tire and the wheel? I dont need the alloys for winter, just a basic rim!
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 by cy


If you're happy with the styling of Original Equipment (OE) 16" wheels you should use them as your summer wheels and get 15" wheels & tires for winter.

You'll have much better availability, choice and pricing on 175/65-15 or 195/60-15 snow tires. Basic alloy wheels start out at $71* per wheel and Michelin X-ICE XI2 is available at $73* in both sizes.

We don't have a 15" steel wheel for the Fit so if you want to run steel wheels, you would need to go to 14" ($41*). With 14" wheels though, you'd run the relatively rare 185/70-14 size ($89*). We want avoid odd sizes because: 1) pricing isn't as good and 2) it's sometimes to difficult to get a single replacement in the event of a road hazard.

So I would go with 15" basic alloys for winter. See options here:


*Prices subject to change
Thursday, April 5, 2012 by Steve


This is Freddy from Fremont CA. I just ordered some General G-MAX AS-03s for my '09 Fit. How do they stack up against the Yoko's and Conti's as mentioned above? Thanks.
Friday, April 6, 2012 by Cy

If you're pushing your Fit very hard, the G-Max AS-03 has less wet & dry grip but if offers better ride compliance, less tread noise and better wear.
Saturday, April 14, 2012 by Joe

I have 2 orginal tires (11,000) from 2011 spt fit, I'm putting the rims from 2011 on 08 spt.fit, I am not a aggresive driver I do the speed limit 90% except when getting on the highway. I looking 4 2 tires to go on the back, right now money is tight so I thinking of not going with cont. DWS, I was looking for a tire with good traction in summer with low road noise. I have steelie and winter tires on them. so these tires would be for summer only I'd like to get 30,000 out of them any suggestion. thank you
Monday, April 16, 2012 by Cy

If you're looking for 2 tires, then should get 2 more 185/55-16 2011 Fit Sport Original Equipment tires.

We want to match up so there's no grip difference between the front and rear.

185/55-16 is slightly taller then what we've test fit on the 1st Gen Fit so we'd consider 185/55-16 to be a "custom" size. So you should test fit before driving on.

Since it's a relatively narrow size on OE wheels, you should be fine.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 by Han

I push my 2010 Fit Sport m/t hard through the canyons, on-ramps, and everywhere in between. Would running a 205mm tire on a 6" wheel made the sidewalls fold in to much? I want more grip but am worried about the extra width.
Tuesday, April 24, 2012 by Cy

205/50-16's will work fine on a 6" wide wheel.
The stiffer sidewalls of the above summer tires will provide a major improvement in cornering stability compared to OE.
If you're really cornering hard, consider the Dunlop Z1 Star Specs for even better steering response,grip and sidewall stiffness.
Tuesday, June 5, 2012 by Carl

I've got a 2010 Fit Sport with the OE 185/55 - 16 Dunlops that came stock and I'm hearing bad reviews about their performance. I have a casual to spirited driving style and am wondering what tires will handle well while not breaking the bank.
Tuesday, June 5, 2012 by cy

Are you running dedicated winter and dedicated summer tires? If you're running a single set year-round, I'd recommend the 205/50-16 Kumho Ecsta 4X for great steering response and wet & dry grip. If you'll be running both dedicated winter tires and dedicated summer tires, I'd go with 205/50-16 Yokohama S Drive for even more dry&wet grip.

Monday, June 11, 2012 by Vince

Have a 2009 Fit Sport and am looking for the best wet weather tire I can get. I live in the NW - state of Washington - where it rains a lot. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Monday, June 11, 2012 by Cy

Assuming you're running a single set year-round, I'd pick the General G-Max AS-03 for it's combination hydroplaning resistance,wet grip and overall capability.

The Continental Extreme Contact DWS would be a close 2nd with slightly less hydroplaning resistance, a little better wet grip and better light snow traction.

If you run dedicated winter tires,then get the Continental Extreme Contact DW.

Monday, June 11, 2012 by Vince

Thanks for the quick response and suggestions. I do plan on running the tires year-round. Just looked at the specs on each of the tires you mentioned. Had one more question I was hoping you could answer.

In reviewing the Traction ratings, I noted there's a new "AA" rating, which I wasn't aware of until now. I see that both tires you mentioned above have "A" ratings, which used to be the best. Should I be considering any tires with an AA traction rating for the rainy Nortwest weather (or are there even any AA rated tires available for the Honda Fit Sport)?

Thanks again Cy!
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 by cy

The UTQG Traction rating is based self-reported information from the tire manufacturers performing a standardized test not Department of Transportation testing. This standardized test measures wet longitudinal grip only and doesn't take into account hydroplaning resistance, corning grip and grip in transitions. See more on this here:


In actual testing, the UTQG Traction rating isn't always accurate for predicting wet grip differences between AA Traction rated tires and A Traction tires.

For example, in an Ultra High Performance All-Season test we did last summer, the A Traction rated Continental Extreme Contact DWS' stopped in 89.90 feet in our 50-0 Wet Braking Test and the AA Traction rated Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus took 94.6 feet to stop.

205/50-16 AA Traction all-season options are the BF Goodrich Supersport A/S H & V Speed Rated, the Kumho Ecsta ASX, the Kumho Ecsta 4X and the Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 H & V Rated. Based test data and/or anecdotal feedback none of these tires have the wet proficiency to make our shortlist except for the new Kumho Ecsta 4X,

Ecsta 4X is a contender but G-Max AS-03's directional tread design would help the lightweight 2500 lb Fit resist hydroplaning in heavy downpour with standing water. So, for our emphasis wet performance in NW Washington the General G-Max AS-03 is a better choice.

What about the Kumho Ecsta 4X vs the Continental Extreme Contact DWS for wet grip? We haven't tested them head-head. Haven driven on both tires in different tests, I predict the Extreme Contact DWS will perform slightly better.

I also like the Extreme Contact DWS better as a 2nd choice because we have much more review data. With over 15 million miles of review mileage, drivers have ranked the Extreme Contact DWS 8.9 in Hydroplaning Resistance. The Ecsta 4X is rated the same but with only 560,000 miles of review mileage.
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 by Mark A.

I own a 2009 Fit Sport with Eibach Sportline springs that lowered the car 2". My question is what is the maximum tire width and proper aspect ratio I could use on the stock rims? What year-round tires would you recommend for moderately spirited driving in Massachusetts? Thanks.
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 by cy

All our test fitting is done on factory ride height so don't have fitment information on a lowered car.

The best resource on this information is feedback from other Fit owners through the owners' sites we sponsor such as:


As for a tire for your parameters,I'd go with Continental Extreme Contact DWS.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 by Old Guy

I have a 2009 Fit Sport and I am ready to replace the tires. I am in North Carolina and I am most concerned with wet traction/resistance to hydroplaning.
OEM tires are Bridgestone 185/55-16.
Question 1: Is there a reason you did not suggest a 205/55 tire instead of the 50 series?
Question 2: Any thoughts on Uniroyal?
Question 3: Do you have any thoughts on the 205/55-16? Will they fit the Fit?
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 by Cy

For your priorities I'd go with General G-Max AS-03 for the same rationale discussed above in my reply to Vince from NW Washington state.

205/50-16 maintains the Original Equipment diameter while 205/55-16 is about 1" larger in overall diameter. I don't like the higher center of gravity's effect on handling and I suspect 205/55-16 will negatively effect fuel economy in a controlled test especially at faster highway speeds. I would expect poorer aerodynamics is more harmful to efficiency then higher gearing.

We haven't tested any Uniroyal passenger tires recently so we don't have data to comment.

As for the risk of 205/55-16 rubbing, the risk will vary based on: exact tire (tread widths will vary slightly), amount of miles on the suspension and amount of weight that's in the back seat.

Given our conservative outlook we can't guarantee 205/55-16 won't rub and consider a "custom size." I suspect you'll find other 2nd Gen Fit drivers have experimented with this size on original wheels have gotten them to work

Since we're extremely careful in our recommendation, erring on the safe side, this is another area where feedback for other Fit drivers at the owners forums such as:


is helpful.

Friday, June 15, 2012 by Vince

Thanks very much Cy! I really appreciate the additional insights you have beyond the ratings.
Friday, June 15, 2012 by cy

You're very welcome.

Saturday, June 16, 2012 by David

How about 195/55/16? My daughter is using those on her car. It was recommended due to all the pot holes in her area.
Monday, June 18, 2012 by cy

I don't like raising the center gravity at all but if you're not a fast driver, I doubt you'll notice the .2" height difference (.4" overall tire diameter).
Thursday, June 21, 2012 by kristen

I have a 2009 Fit base with OEM 175/65-15 Dunlop tires.
The road noise and handling is terrible, and I'm more than ready to replace the tires.
I'm in the Pacific Northwest, looking for a year-round tire with great wet-weather handling, good longevity, and lower road noise.
What would you recommend? Is there a size larger than the Original Equipment that would give better options?
I'm having a hard time making the choice, so any assistance is much appreciated!
Thursday, June 21, 2012 by cy

We haven't done a full test on the Original Equipment Dunlop SP31 A/S so we don't detailed information to compare them vs potential replacements but as far the ideal tire choice for your parameters, I'd go with the 195/60-15 Michelin Primacy MXV4 V Speed Rated at $112 (normally $148) plus shipping.

195/60-15 will fit on your Original Equipment 5.5" wide rim and won't rub.

If you'd prefer to stay with 175/65-15 I'd look at the General Altimax HP and Yokohama Avid Envigor.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012 by cathie

I have a 2011 Sport Fit and though it hugs the road nicely on curves, it feels sort of hyper on the highway - hard to describe - like it is not attached to the ground quite right. It is actually scary. I have the OEM tires on it - is there some alternative that might help? I see the occasional 'harsh ride' and 'scary' comment on forums - but not really any information on cause. And most of the standard reviewers don't even mention this. I thought i was imagining it until my husband discovered the same thing.
Thursday, August 9, 2012 by cy

Hi Cathie,

Is the problem something you notice on all your highway trips? Does it happen on all highways?

If this problem occurs on all highways then you're probably experiencing the Fit's susceptibility to crosswinds combined with the Fit's quick steering response. One of marketing guys has noticed this on his Fit.

If the problem seems to vary with the highway, then car may be "tramlining" see more on this here:


or being effected by how the road is crowned.

If the car is being blown by crosswinds, the driver turns the wheel to respond, but may overcorrect because of the quick steering ratio and has to turn the wheel in the opposite direction. Susceptibility to crosswinds would be especially noticeable if your prior vehicles were much heavier and/or had a lower centers of gravity or slower steering.

If you're experiencing susceptibility to crosswinds there's not really a proven tire solution so I would also recommend getting anecdotal feedback from other Fit drivers at www.fitfreak.net, see:


Lowering the vehicle with Eibach lowering springs would lower the center of gravity so in theory that would be help but there would be some ride degradation especially if you're in bad road country.

Since you're still under warranty I would recommend having a your Honda dealer and/or Local Installer, see:


test drive the car to confirm there are no abnormal issues with it.

At the end of day this might be an inherent trait of the vehicle that driver must adjust to.

Thursday, August 9, 2012 by cathie

Thanks for the analysis - my conclusion is that you don't think tires are the key. I have looked at the forums - many anecdotal and hotly debated possibilities - including tires - wider/stiffer/rounder and potential asymetries as well as toe-in and camber - so it's hard to know what to believe since it's all very unscientific.
I notice the effect on all highways at speed, but i live near I95 and it is a very heavily travelled truck-infested road - and that's where much of my fast driving is. Even when you're not in the proximity of a truck, there's still heavy turbulence all around all the time - like a 747 leaves on a runway for minutes afterwards. I had a Toyota Matrix before - barely bigger but a slightly wider wheelbase, lower center of gravity, and less sheer sides/weight ratio, and less sporty tires and it felt welded to the road - only a nearby big truck would perturb it. The only suggestion i've seen where there's some consensus about improvement is a Beatrush underpanel - it perhaps sucks the car down onto the road and improves high speed handling and handling in turbulence.
I think a car shouldn't need big pieces of sheet metal or lowering as aftermarket fixes - i think it should just WORK PROPERLY all the time. We have made an appointment with the dealer though i'm cynical about its yielding much joy.

Again, thanks!
Friday, August 10, 2012 by cy

You're very welcome. Hopefully the dealer will have some good suggestions. Cy
Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by Matt

2008 Fit Sport with 15x6 wheels.

Have the factory 195/55/15s on it. Looking for new tires and thinking about wanting to jump to a 205/50, but not sure how much more the sidewall will bubble out with the 205 on a 6" wheel?

Also, I live in Indiana. Looking for a decent all season performance tire around $100/each.

What do you suggest?
Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by cy

Whether or not the the sidewalls "bubble out" too much with 205/50-15 on 15x6 is kind of a subject assessment. You have to look some actual pictures to see what you personally like. See:


Do little digging and you'll find some 205/50-15 on 15x6 pics. I think the sidewall contour looks fine.

Unfortunately with 205/50-15 not being a common size we're limited to 3 all-season choices, Kumho Ecsta ASX & AST and BF Goodrich G-Force Supersport A/S W Speed Rated. Good tires but all lacking good wet grip and like most all-season tires they'll be very average in snow.

So for better wet grip in an all-season I'd stay 195/55-15 and pick between the Kumho Ecsta 4x and the General G-Max AS-03 (by the way the mail-in rebate ends today)

Thanks. Cy
Monday, August 27, 2012 by Francisco

This was extremely helpful as I live in Puerto Rico and with the potholes I have replaced two of the stock Dunlops. I just mounted Dunlop Direzza DZ101's in the size you specified here and the performance increase has been very dramatic. I guess my question is how much PSI should I run on these tires with my stock rims? It gets very hot on the roads here and PSI tends to go up from 2 to 3 pounds on a long run in my other cars that have a read out on the instrument cluster.
Tuesday, August 28, 2012 by cy

Since 205/50-16's have similar (more) carrying capacity then the Original Equipment 185/55-16's you still want to use 33 front & 33 rear as a starting point & then adjust for your preferences.

Most drivers will find 3-5 lbs above 33 to be sweet spot for tire wear, fuel economy, steering response and ride.
Sunday, September 2, 2012 by Rick

Cy, thanks so much for answering all of these detailed question about the Fit! I have an 09 Sport with over 100k on it already :) The last set of tires I bought locally, they seemed alright for a while but now the tire noise and ride quality is unbearable, it feels like you're riding on 4 rims. I understand the car is low to the ground and has a short wheelbase, but with these tires it's quite a jarring ride. I have played with the air pressures as well. I am comfortable with the 205-50-16 size as I believe we tried this last time, my priority in my next set of tires is as smooth/cushy and quiet of a ride as possible and I would like your recommendation. All highway, Saint Louis, MO weather. Thanks again Cy
Tuesday, September 4, 2012 by cy

For the use you've described I'd consider the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422, see:


It's rides well and is quiet. From our perspective it only offers average wet grip but it probably has better grip then the average mass-market retail store tire.

Ride compliance: If you're over 100K, then your front struts and rear shocks are probably showing symptoms of wear. Strut/shock wear symptoms such as poor ride, body roll in hard cornering, dive during hard braking and squat during hard acceleration are signs that shocks are significantly worn.

Driving style and road conditions will effect strut/shock wear but most drivers will see these symptoms in the 75,000-125,000 mile range.

Strut/shock wear happens so gradually that it's helpful have a friend drive your car without telling him or her what to look for.
Thursday, September 20, 2012 by Rick

What kind of tires would you reccomend for the KC Missouri winter weather. Mostly rain, some wet snow for a few days and ice. I've read that the michelin pilots are good and I saw that you recommended some kumho ectsta 4x for some rainy weather. Do they handle in the snow. I don't want to have to switch out rims so I'm looking for all year round. 09 fit with 16" rims btw. Thanks for your help.
Thursday, September 20, 2012 by nancy

What tires are best for my 2009 FIT SPORT for Florida in winter and NY in summer?
Thursday, September 20, 2012 by cy


For the wet grip and hydroplaning resistance needed for Florida rains and decent ride compliance for New York roads I'd go with General Altimax HP, see:


Thank you.

Monday, September 24, 2012 by cy


For wet grip, light snow traction in an all-season tire for KC, I'd go with the 205/50-16 Continental Extreme Contact DWS. It's offers good wet grip and markedly better snow traction then it's peers, see:


The Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S just didn't impress me in the wet when I drove it, see test data here:



The Kumho Ecsta 4X's predecessor, the Ecsta ASX, was very average in snow so the 4X's snow traction is unproven.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 by Edward

What about the Pilot Exalto A/S?
Thursday, October 4, 2012 by cy


I haven't been impressed by Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S when I test drove, it didn't find it to be super effective on our wet test track, see test data here:



Monday, October 8, 2012 by Chris

I live in the Philly area and looking to replace my 2010 Honda Fit Sport tires. What tires are worth looking at for year round use? Thanks
Monday, October 8, 2012 by cy


Most Philly drivers are looking for the following traits: 1)better snow traction compared to the Original Equipment 2) comparable wet grip to the Original Equipment and low tread noise & good ride compliance.

Does summarize what you're looking for? If so I'd recommend Bridgestone Ecopia EP422, see:


We saw above-average snow grip in our testing and although we haven't tested the OE tires we expect comparable or maybe slightly better wet grip with Ecopia EP422.


Thursday, October 18, 2012 by Shannon

Hi Cy,

So glad I've found this thread - thanks for all the advice you've given posters here so far.

My 2009 Honda Fit Sport needs at least 2 winter tires, possibly 4. I run dedicated summer & winter tires, each on their own rims.

The current summer tires are Dunlop 185/55 R16, and the winter ones are Yokohama IceGuard 175/65 R15.

I live in rural eastern Ontario, where there's a lot of snow, salt & freezing rain, and sometimes stiff cross-winds, white-outs, wild turkeys dashing across the road, etc. I do both highway and city driving, at least 100 km/day (62 miles). I pretty much stick to the speed limit, and try not to drive aggressively.

Last spring when my local tire shop was looking for new summer tires for me, it was quite a job - they ended up finding tires in Ohio (!) and they were not cheap. I'm concerned the same will happen with the winter tires.

My other priority is the ride - as great as the Fit is in all other respects, I won't buy one again as it's just too bone-jarring. Anything I can do about this with the tires would be great - secondary to winter safety.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance,
Friday, October 26, 2012 by Kevin

Hi Cy
I have a 2010 Fit Sport, I do about 180 km per day , am looking for winter tires/sizing . I had Michelin x-ice2 for my Civic which where great but am unsure of the sizing for my Fit Sport. Can you help? Weather conditions can be treacherous much as like the poster's above. Thanks.
Friday, October 26, 2012 by cy


185/70-14: I would strongly recommend going 185/70-14 on basic 14" steel wheels (alloys work fine as well). The narrower size will cut through moderate & deep snow while still being wide enough for icy and dry roads.

The Michelin Xi2 is currently made in 185/70-14 but it's being replaced by Xi3. Michelin doesn't feel the Xi3 will be backwards compatible with the Xi2. So, if you lose an Xi2 due to a road hazard you could be faced with the prospect of having to replace all 4.

If this is a concern, I'd also look at other Studless Ice and Snow tires such as the Dunlop Graspic DS-3. Compared to the Xi2 the Graspic's comparable in snow but slightly less effective in ice and significantly less precise on dry roads.

16" size: I 'd stay 185/55-16. The Xi2 is currently available in the size but you still have the future availability issue. So among the current tires I'd looked the Blizzak WS-70.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012 by Joy

Hi Cy,
My 2009 Honda Fit Sport got a nail in the shoulder of a tire and there weren't any matching tires in Houston, TX. So I've been driving fine with the front OE tires and the back Yokohama 205/50/16s for a year and a half.

Now the original tires are getting bald (35,000 miles). I saved the other tire, which has 24,000 miles on it), so I could buy one to match and leave them on the front (the rear two have 10,900 miles). Or buy two more Yokohamas so I can rotate my tires again. Or buy four of something else so the wear is the same on all.

Most of my driving is highway speed, assertive but not aggressive. I think the original tires are a bit loud.
What would you recommend?
Thursday, November 15, 2012 by Alice

Hello - this may be a dumb question but i recently got a flat tire and want to buy a better tire for my 2010 honda fit sport. my question is: do i have to replace all 4 tires if i go with your recommendation tire size rather than the OEM tire size? or can i just replace the flat tire with 205/50-16 and leave the other three tires as 185/55-16? Thanks so much!
Thursday, November 15, 2012 by cy

There are no dumb questions . . . we don't want to replace just one tire with a different size because we want to have the same exact grip level on every corner of the car.

If your 3 other 185/55-16 OEM tires still have a lot of life left in them you should get the exact matching tire.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 by Vince

Hi Cy. Back in June you suggested the General G-Max AS-03 for my Fit Sport as a good wet weather tire for the NW - Washington. I'm ready to pull the trigger and purchase new tires as my factory OEM tires are nearly worn out and the winter rains are now upon us. Do you have any new alternatives that have come to market since June that you rate higher, or would you stay with the AS-03's? Also,
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 by cy

The General G-Max AS-03 still the best choice for your are and parameters. Thanks. Cy
Monday, December 3, 2012 by Jon

Hey Cy. I replaced the OE tires on my '07 Fit Sport with some cheaper tires (A/S) which seem to have a significant drop-off in performance. I'd like to get some fun aggressive summer tires and safe winters. Should I use my OE wheels for the winter and upgrade to 205/50-16 for summers? Or, should get some 14s for winter and keep my wheels for the summers?
Monday, December 3, 2012 by Brett

Am I able to put 14 inch snow tires on the 2012 Honda Fit.I believe in 2009 the Fit went to a 15 inch tire.
Monday, December 3, 2012 by cy


Between 14" winters which would mean 205/50-15 summers and 15" winters coupled with 205/50-16 summers, you're better off with 205/50-15 summers giventheir small overall diameter (23.1") is closer to your OE diameter of 195/55-15 (23.4). 205/50-16 is tall for the 1st Gen Fit Sport.
Monday, December 3, 2012 by cy

The 14" wheels we list on the Winter/Snow section of the 2012 Fit Upgrade Garage will clear brakes and work fine, see:


Tuesday, December 4, 2012 by Peg

Cy - What tire is made in a 205 -50-16 for my 2009 Honda Fit Sport that is good in snow and rain that has good tread life? The OE 185-55-16 tires only have 30,000 and have been bare for the last 12,000. I love this car but the replacement tires and battery are a pain to find or don't have good ratings.
Tuesday, December 4, 2012 by cy


For your parameters I would look at both the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 and Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max as both did well (for an all-season) in our snow test.

Neither is great in rain but I suspect they're as good as the either Original Equipment tire.

Both have 65K mileage warranty and with proper maintenance and normal driving style you should be able to improve from 30K to 40-60K.

Monday, December 10, 2012 by Matt

Hi Cy,

You are right about the unusual Fit sizes.

I have a base 2012 fit, with the standard tires 176/65R 15 84S and wheels 15 by 5.5J. I'm trying to select the winter tires and rims that will match the current configuration the closest, but I'm not seeing any rims that are 15 by 5.5.

I'm looking to buy Blizzak tires and steel rims if possible. Alloy if necessary. What would the closest available match in diameter and width be?
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 by John K

Given a 2012 Fit Base - I'm putting some Blizzak's on the steel wheels this week, but come spring, I'm hoping to put some summer LRR tires on 16" wheels. Will any MPG gains in LRR tires be offset by a change to 16"? Also, will the Fit compensate automatically to the 16" wheels for sake of speedometer and/or TPS?

I'm on schedule for 30k/year, mostly conservative highway driving, but I also like to press it a bit on local roads in good weather. Still, I have to make it from point A to point B for work, so driving through almost everything is necessary...
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 by cy


Compared to your 15x5.5 55mm offset Original Equipment steel, the 15x6.5 40mm offset Sport Edition F2 at $82 plus shipping offers the best combination of comparable specs, see:


Wednesday, December 19, 2012 by cy

We haven't tested this scenario so I would also get feedback from other Fit drivers at the forums such as fitfreak who may have changed over to LRR 205/50-16's. I suspect that a 205/50-16 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 on lightweight wheels would have similar fuel economy to OE. With enough drop in wheel weight, I would expect to see slight improvement.

We don't have an exact weight on your original wheel but it's probably around 22 lbs.

With 175/65-15's having a 23.9" overall diameter and 205/50-16's being 24.1" there isn't any significant difference so your Fit will underestimate your actual speed by about 8/10's of 1% so when your speedometer shows 59.5 MPH you're doing 60 MPH. Your Fit won't automatically compensate but this very slight speedometer error and won't effect TPMS.


Thursday, December 20, 2012 by John BB

I drive a lot on gravel, country roads that sometimes have hazards (holes, or sharp objects). I'm looking for a good, all weather tire (rain and light snow) that would work best for my 2012 Sport Fit. Thank you!
Friday, December 21, 2012 by cy

John BB,

Tires with marked advantage in gravel road durability (EG the BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO ) aren't available in a compatible size.

Since there isn't a marked difference in puncture susceptibility amongst available tires, I'd go with 205/50-16 and pick between the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 and Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max. Both these tires performed well (for an all-season) in our snow test, should be comparable in wet grip to the OE tires and offer good wear in normal driving conditions.


Friday, December 21, 2012 by John BB

Cy - Thanks. I'll check this out.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Monday, December 24, 2012 by cy

You're welcome, thank you. Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to all. Cy
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 by Jen

Will The 205/50-16 size tire fit a base 2010 honda fit? all the comments specifically refer to the sport model. I need new tires but I want quality tires. I did manage to get 50k on the stock Dunlops. I am in Texas & drive mostly highway miles and want to maintain my excellent MPG (avg 38-39).
Thursday, December 27, 2012 by cy


The base Fit has the 175/65-15's so 205/50-16's won't work. 175/65-15 is a fairly common size so there's no need to switch to an alternate size.

For your parameters of good wear, tire efficiency and no disadvantages compared to your stock Dunlops, I'd go with the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422, see:


We haven't done a direct comparison test between the stock Dunlop and Ecopia EP422 so I would also get feedback from other Fit drivers at fitfreak owner's site.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013 by William

Hi, I have a 2012 fit sport currently running oem dunlops with about 2,000 miles on it and car just made a year. I already have 2 flats on the front tires both time done by small screws.. The Dunlop just seems very, very unreliable and easily penetrated. I live in NY so I am looking for a good all season tire with lots of emphasis for cold/snow as temp gets colder from October to April... 205/50 16 is the size I would like to purchase and I am replacing ALL 4! Hate these dunlops. Thanks For any suggestions
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 by cy

Both the Continental Extreme Contact DWS and the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 provide decent snow traction for an all-season. The Continental Extreme Contact DWS has better wet grip.
Thanks. Cy
Thursday, January 3, 2013 by Jenny

Will the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422, 205/50 16 work for my 2009 Honda Fit Sport? I'm getting conflicting opinions between the reviews and the Bridgestone site.
Friday, January 4, 2013 by cy

Yes, 205/50-16 Ecopia EP422 will work fine. This size fits your original wheel, has a comparable overall diameter and doesn't rub.

The tire manufacturers' websites will focus on the exact original equipment size to simplify decision making. As an Authorized Bridgestone Retailer, we have additional information on alternative sizing since we test tires, test fitment and work directly with consumers. So we have the data to properly advise on alternative sizes. As you already know, Bridgestone doesn't make the Ecopia in 2009 Honda Fit Sport Original Equipment size of 185/55-16.


Saturday, January 5, 2013 by Terri Warren

Cy- thanks for this great advice. Very much appreciated! As others, I am looking to replace my tires. I am on my third set for a 2010 Honda Fit Sport. I drive about 45,000 miles a year, highway mostly, usually a bit above the speed limit :) I live in NH so am looking for an all-season tire year round that handles snow and rain. From the posts I see you recommend 205/50-16 size: Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 often. Do I need to change rims to step up from the standard OEM size?
Monday, January 7, 2013 by cy

Thanks for visiting our blog. For your parameters of good wear and decent snow grip for an all-season tire, 205/50-16 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422's would be a good choice. They'll fit fine on your Original Equipment wheels. Your 6" wide factory wheels are wide enough accommodate 205/50-16's which are approximately 1" (20mm) wider.
Thanks. Cy
Saturday, January 19, 2013 by Carl

I wish to replace the two rear 185r16 dunlops with 195r16 Michelins. I still have dunlops on the front. Any problems?
Monday, January 21, 2013 by cy

Having a different widths and different tires on one axle vs the axle isn't ideal. The difference in handling will vary depending exact tire and tread depth but you could end up with more grip in the front on dry roads. Having more grip on the front can make a vehicle fishtail in an evasive maneuver.
Thanks, Cy.
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 by Jorge

I have a 2011 Honda Fit Sport (MT). Just shy of 32,000 Miles and still have the OEM tires (Dunlop). I've never how this tire felt of the street. I would like to have a smoother/quiet ride. Also the OEM size are hard to find. If anyone can please advise. Thanks !!!!
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 by cy

We haven't tested the Original Equipment (OE) Dunlop SP7000's so we don’t have detailed information on how harshly they ride.

So in addition to my recommendations I'd also get feedback from other Fit drivers at Fitfreak who driven the OE Dunlops and other tires.

I wouldn't expect the OE Dunlops to be intrinsically harsh since Honda normally picks a tire with decent ride compliance as OE. With the Fit being a short-wheelbase car, there are limits on how smoothly it will ride. Did you drive a longer-wheelbase vehicle before you had the Fit? If so some of what you're feeling may be the "natural" difference in ride compliance because of the shorter wheelbase.

With this mind two tires that provide good ride compliance are the 205/50-16 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 and the 205/50-16 General Altimax HP. The Bridgestone has above-average snow grip for its category and a non-directional tread design allowing you to cross-rotate. The General provides better wet grip, features a directional tread design (front to back rotation) and is very average in light snow.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 by Robin

Hi, I have a 2011 Fit Sport with about 55K miles already. Need new tires and will NOT have run flats on the car. I don't drive too many miles now (job change) and mostly very local; I live in NM so rain and snow almost never an issue, but I do drive the occasional rocky dirt road. Suggestions as to size and type of tires to get that would fit on my OEM rims would be very much appreciated!
Thank you!
Thursday, January 31, 2013 by cy

For decent wear, efficiency, low tread noise and good ride compliance I'd with the 205/50-16 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422. This size will fit on your Original Equipment Honda rim and won't rub. I wouldn't expect see any significant difference on how tires available in this size behave on a rocky dirt road.

Sunday, February 3, 2013 by Ray

Hi cy,
My wife is nearing the end of her Oem dunlops on our 2012 fit sport. Rougly 30k miles
Some concerns I have about the car from a personal experience are that at highway speed I had to avoid debris in the road, and the back end got a little loose for my taste.
I'm looking to get a stiffer sidewall tire, I'd love it to grip well and get a decent 25k+ miles out of the new tires as well.
Live in Houston , so snow isn't an issue. Mostly summer heat and rain is all I've to deal with.
Monday, February 4, 2013 by cy

For your priorities of better handling in transitions, wet & dry grip and decent wear for high mileage driver I'd go with the 205/50-16 Kumho Ecsta 4X's as they tested well across the board. The General G-Max AS-03 would be worth considering as well but the Kumho Ecsta 4X has better steering response.
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 by Ray

I was looking , other than the speed rating and the 3$ difference on the kumho 4x and the kumho ASX, what's the difference?
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 by cy

The Ecsta ASX is the predecessor to the Ecsta 4X with Ecsta 4X being better in all parameters especially in wet grip.

So with Ecsta 4X currently $3 less, get the Ecsta 4X.
Sunday, February 10, 2013 by Scott Hunter

Hi Cy,
2011 Fit Sport, driven daily. I live in Austin, TX. Lots of summer days over 100 degrees, not much rain, never snow or ice. I have 42K on the OE Dunlops, but I rotate every 5K. Just now seeing the wear indicators. My only real complaint is the road noise and that might just be that they are near the end of their life. I am changing size to 205/50-16.

My priorities are high mileage rating and low noise. I drive at or under the speed limit, trying to maximize MPG. Very conservative driver and mostly highway miles. A local retailer recommended Yokohama YK580. What would you recommend? Thanks for your help.
Monday, February 11, 2013 by cy

Hello Scott,
Based on how you drive, how much you drive, your climate and your comments, you need a quiet, good-wearing and efficient tire. The Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 would be your best choice. We don't have any test data on that Yokohama tire since it's only distributed through local retail stores. I have concerns about its efficiency given it's 20.9 pound weight in 205/50-16 (per Yokohama's website) compared to the 19 pound 205/50-16 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422. This 1.9 lb weight difference is significant. Although I can't put an exact number on it, it's enough to have a negative, measurable effect on fuel economy
Thanks. Cy.
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 by chuck

I have a 2009 Fit Sport . Can I put 225 / 75 R 16 on ?
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 by cy

225/75-16's would be 29.3" tall, much too big for the Fit with 175/65-15 being 23.9 inches and 185/55-16's having a diameter of 23.9 inches.
Friday, February 22, 2013 by Marco

I live in CO and I'm looking for an all season 205/50-16 that handles snow the best. Right now, getting winter tires isn't a financial possibility. What am I best off getting and why? If there are multiple options with benefits/cons what are they?
Thank you!
Friday, February 22, 2013 by cy


I'd go with Continental Extreme Contact DWS as Choice #1 and Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 as Choice #2 as both tested well in light snow for all-seasons, see:


The major strengths of the Continental Extreme Contact DWS vs the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 are better wet grip & steering response. The Bridgestone Ecopia EP422's advantages compared to the Continental Extreme Contact DWS are less tread noise, better ride and slightly better wear.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by Vincent

Please guide me how to change my low profile tires O.E. on my 2010 Honda Fit Sport to regular profile tires. The ride feels every bump and the wear is not good. Is it possible to find Michelins
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by mary

Hello Cy: I live in Fl and drive I-95 5 days a week. I need 4 new tires for my 2007 Honda Fit. Other tires I get seem to make a lot of noise on the road and they are not cheap. What tire would be the best for me. Thank you
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by cy

Since low profile and regular profile aren't specific enough, it's more helpful to speak in terms of sidewall height

We have to be realistic about how much we can actually improve ride compliance by altering sidewall height. Will adding more sidewall height significantly improve ride compliance on bumpy, pot-hole scarred roads like the ones we have in northern Indiana? Not that much. Ride compliance is more dependent on wheelbase length, suspension design, spring rates, shock/strut rebound setting and road quality (obviously). So, adding sidewall height help but it's no game changer.


Nonetheless, if you decide to change sidewall height, then the best way to increase sidewall height is by downsizing to smaller wheels. We can go from the OE 185/55-16 (24" overall tire diameter) to 185/70-14 (24.2" overall tire) diameter on new 14" wheels. Since overall tire diameter remains the same, we've added 2.2" more sidewall to providing slightly more cushioning. It's like shrinking the hole in the middle of a donut.

You can view compatible 14" wheels by clicking on the Winter section of the Upgrade Garage and navigating to:


From this page, click on "Don't need tires, Skip to wheels" to view compatible 14" wheels, pick some 14" wheels (theoretically narrower 5.5" wide wheels ride better than 6" wide wheels because of the slightly more parabolic sidewall) add them to your cart and pick an all-season 185/70-14 tire at:


For good wear and ride compliance, Michelin makes the Defender, see:


we'll receive more 185/70-14's in mid March.

Some Fit drivers have experimented with the custom fit size of 205/55-16's on the Original Equipment Honda Fit Sport wheels. Page up to my Wednesday June 13, 2012 post to see more information on that size.

If you decide to go with the recommend alternative size of 205/50-16 (24" overall diameter so same sidewall height) on your original wheels then Michelin makes Pilot Exalto A/S, see:



Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by cy

Hi Mary,
Is sounds like you have the standard 175/65-14 tire size? Best choice for an affordable tire with decent wet trip,relatively low tread noise and decent wear would be the Kumho Solus KH16 in the alternative size of 185/60-14.

185/60-14's are about .2 inches smaller in diameter and about 1/2 inch wider. 185/60-14 will fit on your Original Equipment 14x5.5" wide wheels without rubbing.

Friday, March 15, 2013 by Katie

Hi Cy,
I have a 2010 Fit Base and I need new tires after just around 30k on the stock Dunlops. I read this entire post and based on your previous responses I'm deciding between either the General G-Max AS-03 or the Continental Extreme Contact DWS @ 205/50-16. I'm planning to get new wheels as well to fit the 16" wheels in place of my OE rims. Are these a good choice for low mileage - back roads/highway in Connecticut? The Dunlops did awful in the snow and I was not pleased with the wear. I want a good tire that will last at least longer than 30k. Also will the type of rim I choose make a big difference in my mileage? What do you think about these http://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?target=runWheelSearch&autoMake=Honda&autoModel=Fit&autoYear=2010&autoModClar=Base&initialPartNumber=4416700145B&i1_Qty=4&wheelMake=Enkei+Performance&wheelModel=EDR9&wheelFinish=Black+Painted&wheelFinish=Black+Painted&showRear=no

Friday, March 15, 2013 by cy

Hello Katie,
For your parameters I like the Continental Extreme Contact DWS as they have good snow grip for their tire type. I'd also look the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422. They also tested well in the snow but should offer better wear.

With rim choice we want to make sure that we don't add too much additional weight to the wheel&tire assembly as this will negatively effective fuel economy. Based on feedback from other Fit drivers at the fitfreak owner's site, your OE 16" Fit Sport wheels weigh 17.6 lbs. Enkei EDR9's weigh 18.6 lbs. A 1 lb difference isn't significant. I like the Enkei EDR9 for it combination quality, price and good looks.
Monday, March 18, 2013 by Kurt

Hi Cy,

Need tires for my 2011 Fit Sport. I've used Conti DWS on my last Civic and really liked them. From previous posts I gather they will fit. My question is will there be any effect on gas mileage? Also, will steering response and ride be noticeably different than with the stock Dunlops?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 by cy

Hello Kurt,

We don't have direct comparison information on tire efficiency and steering response&ride compared to the OE Dunlops so I'd recommend visiting ExtremeContact DWS threads at the Fitfreak forum to get anecdotal feedback, (our blog software's spam filter somehow prevents us from providing a direct link).

Compared to the OE Dunlops I would expect to see some decrease in efficiency, improved steering response and comparable ride compliance.


Saturday, March 30, 2013 by Paul Sheer

I just bought 205/50R16 Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval tires for my Honda Fit Sport 2010. You should know the diameter is 205 x 0.50 / 25.4 x 2 + 16 = 24.071 inches vs the stock 24.012 inches -- i.e. essentially identical.
The ride feel is slightly softer and cornering traction is slightly less -- probably the rubber needs higher pressure (i.e. a heavier car) for optimum traction. I prefer the wider tires for these reasons only: more rubber area on the road means better coping with road imperfections and less chance of tire damage.
This makes me feel a WHOLE lot safer. Placing the 185 beside the 205 it is clear the 205 is a monster piece of rubber -- after a whole day on the interstate you'll SO much more want that under you.
Oreo's are for eating: rather go for the 205's.
Tuesday, April 2, 2013 by cy

Paul, thanks for your input. Cy.
Thursday, April 4, 2013 by JimS

2010 Sport. We live in N.Central Ohio and tow the Fit behind our motorhome during the summer. After reading all the past comments I'm thinking the Generals or the Bridgestone Ecopia. I've used Toyos on our other vehicles and am wondering about your thoughts on them.
Thank you very much for all the valuable info you provide.
Thursday, April 4, 2013 by cy

With Toyo we only carry their Motorsports tires (and a few Original Equipment tires) so we don't have any test or feedback data on their all-season tires.
For the Midwest I'd go with Bridgestone Ecopia EP422
Thanks. Cy
Friday, April 5, 2013 by JF

I have a 2011 Fit LX (base) model with 175/65-15's. I am changing size for 195/55-16's with yokohama advid envigor tires. Will it fit on my base model.
Saturday, April 6, 2013 by cy

There's a slight risk that 195/55-16's (24.4" overall diameter) will rub. The likelihood of rubbing varies with the width and offset of your 16" wheels Since we ship 99% of we sell, we're extremely careful when we assess rubbing risk. So, I'd also get feedback from other drivers at the Fitfreak website we sponsor. I suspect you'll find other 2nd Gen Fit drivers were able to get 195/55-16 to work as long as they: (1) didn't have a lowered suspension and (2) used the 2nd Generation Honda Fit Sport OE rim (6" wide & 53mm offset).
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 by Gnutin

I have a bubble in my 2012 Honda Fit Sport right front tire from Dunlop with about 16000 highway miles on Pittsburgh snowy and pothole roads. What are my options? Replace one or two tires with Dunlops or replace all four with Bridgestone Ecopia EP422? Cy please let me know what you recommend? Can I get away with replacing just one tire with O.E. until all have worn out?
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 by cy

Please measure the tread depth on your other 3 tires, if they have at least 8/32nd tread depth remaining, then go with one OE Dunlop.
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 by Matt

I live in Los Angeles and have a 2010 Fit Sport with about 18k miles. I like the car but wish the ride was smoother and quieter. I would give up "sportiness" for smoother and quieter. 95% of the time I'm in Southern California. Any suggestions?
Friday, May 3, 2013 by cy

Ride is 85% dependent on wheelbase length, suspension design, shock/strut tuning and road conditions. So by changing tires and/or wheels, we can only make incremental improvements in ride. We haven't tested the OE tires but I suspect we'll find that they're not intrinsically harsh so changing to a different tire in the same size will only help slightly, if at all.

Downsizing to smaller wheels would give you for more sidewall and slightly ride compliance, but it won't be a major change especially if you're used to a smoother ride. At the end of the day, the ride will be what it will be.

This is something I came to terms with my Subaru BRZ. About 9 months I sold my Honda Prelude and bought a Subaru BRZ. I like the BRZ but it rides markedly harder especially with our rough Indiana roads. This harsh ride is an innate part of the car that I'm not thrilled about but I'm starting to grudgingly tolerate.

So if I here in your shoes, I'd run the OE tires until they're worn out and not switch prematurely. Please touch base with me then and we'll review optimal choices. We'll have more data and probably some new entrants into the marketplace at that point in time.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 by Jodi

After 60K miles (!), I am needing to replace the OE tires on my 2008 Honda Fit Sport. I live in Atlanta, GA and am mainly looking for good wet/dry grip, long tread life and reduced noise. This is my first time purchasing new tires and I'm honestly overwhelmed by all of the options out there.

I drive about 10-15 miles over the speed limit, am average in the aggressive department and do a mix of in-town and highway driving. I'm not looking for top of the line, but also don't want to just go for the cheapest set. I've read some positive reviews (on fitfreak blogs) about the GY Eagle GT and the Kumho Ecsta, but am open to other options.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 by cy

For your parameters I'd go with the Kumho Ecsta 4X. It has great wet grip and its predecessor, the Kumho Ecsta ASX, had a record of good treadwear. Goodyear is about to phase out the Eagle GT so you wouldn't be able to get a replacement in the future.
Thanks. Cy.
Monday, May 13, 2013 by Duane

2009 Honda Fit Sport, need to replace 2nd set of tires, (I used Honda dealership to get exact size. (avg 30,000 miles on each set) Want something that will LAST with a little less road noise. Live in East TX, so some rain, drive regularly to Toledo, OH.)
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 by cy

Duane, for your emphasis on treadwear and low tread noise, I'd go with the 205/50-16 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422. I wish the EP422 had a little more wet grip but I suspect it's wet grip level is equivalent or better than Original Equipment Dunlop or Bridgestone. Thanks.Cy
Saturday, May 18, 2013 by John

2010 Fit Base that I don't really push too hard. Looking for an all season tire for local and highway driving in New England. And should I stick with 15-inch or also upgrade the wheels to 16? Thanks!
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 by cy

John, no need to change tire or wheel sizing, there are good 175/65-15 choices. I'd look at the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422. It's strengths of above-average snow grip for its class and overall capability make it a good choice. Thanks. Cy.
Saturday, July 6, 2013 by Carl Cangelosi

Dear Cy,

I'm looking to get a set of 15x7 Enkei compe classics for my 2010 Honda fit sport. Would I be able to run 205/65/15 tires on those wheels?
Tuesday, July 9, 2013 by cy

Carl, given how conservatively we assess risk for rubbing, I'd also get feedback from other drivers at the fitfreak owner's site. I highly doubt this will work. We're going from a 6" wide 53mm offset oe wheel to 7" wide 38mm offset. This puts the outside edge of the wheel 27.7 mm (over an inch) further out towards the fender. Going 205/65-15 compared to your 205/50-16 oe size takes us from 24.1" overall diameter to 25.5. I can't see this working. Thanks. Cy.
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 by Dee

I have a 2010 Honda Fit. I need new tires and am trying to decide whether to get all season or winter tires. It is hilly where I live and it can be challenging getting up my driveway when we get snow. I also wondered if I put weight in the hatchback of the car if that would help.
Thursday, July 18, 2013 by cy

Dee, if you're deep in the Snowbelt EG Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo I'd definitely get dedicated snow tires for winter (obviously you'll need a set of all-seasons to run the remainder of year). Dedicated snow tires will greatly improve snow grip so you can easily get up your driveway. Being front-wheel-drive helps but the Fit's light weight means there's not a lot of weight (and therefore grip) on your front tires. Snow tires (normally run front & rear) will more than compensate dramatically improving acceleration, braking and cornering.

I'll put weight on the rear of my 2WD Tacoma because I want weight on the drive wheels but wouldn't do so for the Fit. There's no benefit for putting weight in the back to front-wheel-drive Fit. Thanks. Cy.
Friday, August 2, 2013 by Jorge

Nice article. I have a 2007 Fit Sport in need of tires. They are 195/55/15. Will the alternate sizing you mentioned work for this size as well?
Monday, August 5, 2013 by cy

Thank you Jorge, there are some decent 195/55-15 choices, so there isn't as much of advantage in running alternative sizes. 205/55-15 would be the wider, alternative size for your 15" Original Equipment wheels but 205/55-15 isn't a common size so it doesn't give you more tire options. (The 205/50-16's mentioned above won't work on your 15" wheels). Thanks. Cy.
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 by Natalie

2011 Fit Sport, lowered with Tein CS springs (about 1.5" in front, a bit less in back). I know that your fitment suggestions are based upon standard ride height.

It appears that 205/50s might just fit. But if I order them and they're shipped to my installer, and they don't quite fit, may I return them if they've been mounted? I suspect it's no, but wanted to ask anyway.

Also, suggestions in 195/50 and 205/50 for corner carving? I'm in CA, don't see snow, want max possible dry grip and still good in rain.

Great thread, thank you!
Thursday, September 12, 2013 by cy

Natalie, thank you for your input. You can return them as long as you haven't driven on them & they're in 100% new condition. So they can be mounted & balanced but ask your installer to be careful so that tires aren't scuffed.

For great dry grip and decent wet capability I'd recommend the 205/50-16 Dunlop Direzza Z2's. There's not really a great 195/50-16 choice.

Thanks. Cy
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 by David

My wife's 2009 Fit sport needs new tires. We live in northern MN and she drives 2.5 hrs one way to work each week. Gotta have something good in the snow. Buying snow tires & putting them on the original rims doesn't made sense if I need to change them again in the spring. So I probably need new rims as well. I read above about 14" and 15" and 16" and steel and alloy. How do I decide? After deciding the rims, then the same questions about tires... 205, 195, 185s??? How do you decide? It can't all be about price....
Then given my parameters, any specific tire recommendations would be appreciated.
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 by cy

David, given the intensity of your MN winters we need a tire size that's narrow enough to cut through deeper snow, similar diameter to stock and wide enough for packed snow/glare ice & dry roads.
175/65-15 is the optimal tire size that works for these requirements and it's fine to mount them on steel wheels.
As for tire choice the Blizzak WS-70 would be optimal because of its great ice and packed snow grip. Thanks. Cy.
Saturday, October 12, 2013 by Katherine

What is the correct bolt pattern for a 15x6 wheel going on a Honda Fit Sport 2012? 4x100 or 4X4.5?
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 by cy

Katherine, your Fit bolt pattern is 4-100. Thanks. Cy.
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 by Andrew

Hello - looking to replace tires on a 2009 Honda Fit sport. Any recommendations for all-season tires? I live in NJ and drive about 60 miles daily, split evenly between highway and city. Winters can be bad up here, so I'm looking for something that's good in the slush. Also, the OE tires give a very hard ride, so I'm hoping to find something a bit smoother. Thoughts on the Yokohama Avid product? Any advise is much appreciated. Thank you!
Thursday, November 7, 2013 by cy

For the good wear, efficiency, snow grip and ride compliance I'd recommend picking between the 205/50-16 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422, see:


and the 205/50-16 Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max, see:


as both tested well in the snow, see snow test info here:


Yokohama make the Avid Ascend in 185/55-16 and the Yokohama Avid Envigor in 205/50-16 but their predecessors didn't fare as well in older snow tests. Thanks. Cy.
Friday, November 15, 2013 by mina

What is the cost of changing the wheels so I can have more and cheaper tire options for my 2009 honda fit sport?
Saturday, November 16, 2013 by cy

Mina, basic 14” steels wheels are $41 plus shipping with 14” alloys starting at $73. Basic 15” wheels are $60 with 15” alloys starting at $82. Most Fit Sport drivers are better served by staying with 16” wheels and selecting better value 185/55-16 or 205/50-16 tires. Thanks. Cy.
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 by Tony

Hi Cy,

I'm looking to replace my OE tires on my 2010 Fit Sport with 50K miles. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and mainly use my Fit for a 50 mile daily round trip commute (mostly highway). I'm looking for a good all season tire that offers great fuel economy and better grip than my stock tires. What are your thoughts on the Pirelli Cinturato? Thanks!
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 by Cy

Hi Tony, the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All-Season Plus tested well in most areas, see:


but it wasn’t stellar in the wet. Since it’s rare to exceed a tire’s dry grip limit in street driving, wet grip is most important safety differentiator. Therefor for your parameters I’d also look at the General Altimax HP, see:

Thanks Cy.
Thursday, November 28, 2013 by Janet

Hi Cy, bought a used Honda Fit 2009 Sport and need to get winter tires. I'm in Ottawa area Ontario Canada;snow/ice/freezing rain, you name it we get it and lots of it. OE 185/55r16 & 205/50 are hard to find right now. Can I use 195/55? thanks!
Monday, December 9, 2013 by ray

Hey Cy,
I have a stock Honda Fit 2010. I am from California and will be moving to Texas soon. My city does not have any harsh or extreme weather that would make me worry about driving. Since I will be moving to Abilene, Texas I have read that weathers could be extreme with heavy rain, light snow, and maybe icy roads. I tried contacting local tire dealers for continental dws tires but they are all back ordered, nationwide. If continental dws tires are not available what are other alternatives that would best suit driving in texas. Thanks!!
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 by cy

Ray, for the wet grip, light snow traction and overall capability you’re looking for the Continental ExtremeContact DWS is optimal. We just received a small batch into our Georgia warehouse Friday, right now some are still available. Thanks. Cy
Tuesday, December 17, 2013 by Craig

Thanks in advance for your help.

We need to replace the four tires on a 2010 Honda Fit Sport (my wife's commuter car). We would like to keep the original rims so we are restricted to 195-55-R16 or 205-50-R16.

This car drives on local roads 80% of the time and highways 20%, and is *not* driven aggressively. We live in the Boston area where the summers are fairly hot (90's but rarely 100), winters are cold with snow, ice, and slush.

We think we want all-weather tires as opposed to separate tires for winter and summer though I would like your views on this.

We want tires that ride soft, are less noisy than the OE, and provide the best combination of stopping and emergency avoidance handling on the roads here in New England. We are willing to sacrifice performance handling and if need-be, milage efficiency.

Very interested in your thoughts on the best options for our situation. Thanks again.
Wednesday, December 18, 2013 by cy

Craig, optimal all-season choice for snow grip, ride compliance, tread noise and emergency handling is the 205/50-16 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422.

If you frequently drive on icy, snow-covered roads (roads inconsistently plowed and/or salted) then I’d get separate snow tires. In glare ice we saw a 18.5 foot difference in 12-0 ice braking, see:


Thanks. Cy
Thursday, January 2, 2014 by Gil

The wife's 2010 Fit Sport is coming due for tires, and she's complaining about the poor ride quality - she describes it as rough or harsh.
Would a tire with a higher aspect ratio help? She is not at all an aggressive driver so the higher center of gravity would not matter.
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 by Andy

What about 195/55/16 tires? How would the gas mileage compare to stock tires? What about to the 205/50/16's - seems to be logical that the 205/50's make a larger footprint which means more rolling resistance right? The stock tires aren't great and I would like to replace them at some point with something better, better for me being quieter and less prone to track the grooves in the road at highway speed, the latter is my number 1 gripe. I don't care about performance other than I don't want the car hydroplaning all over the road I want it to be safe - but this is an economy car first and foremost so I don't care how sticky the tires are or how hard I can push the car into a corner, I mean its like 117 horsepower car right? I don't want to change tires and drop mpg tho- in the stock size theres the dunlops and yokohama's but I don't know about the ride and the tracking issue-in the 195/55's theres some firestone tuned touring that might be good, what is your advice for me here? as an aside the dunlops are listed at 24.2 diameter which is slightly oversized for 185/55, 195/55 comes out to 24.44 so your raising the car like 1/8" at that small amount what will that equate to in the real world?
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 by Isaac

What would you rec for a rainy FL car, that will never see snow, commutes 5x/ wk 45 min one way on the highway? With better grip than the stock 175s? Without ruining the great MPG? We are open to new wheels.
Wednesday, March 5, 2014 by Jacob

Dear Cy,

I have a Honda Fit Sport 2012 Auto and I am in need of a tire change. Which tires could you recommend that would improve ride quality and highway stability without sacrificing any (or maybe even improving) handling and fuel efficiency?

Thank you,
Wednesday, March 5, 2014 by cy

Since we’ve haven’t test driven the Original Equipment tires we don’t have any hard data to compare. Ride compliance depends largely on wheelbase length and factory suspension design & tuning. Therefore we can only make incremental improvements in ride compliance by tire choice. Highway stability is another innate vehicle trait.

That being said, for ride compliance, efficiency and proper tracking at highway speed, I’d look at the 205/50-16 Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max and 205/50-16 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422.
Thanks. Cy.
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 by Bruce


I'm getting a 2014 Honda Fit with 175/65R15s on 15" steel wheels. I'd like to know the offset on my OEM steelies and what you think of putting the stock tires on new 6.5" wide rims. The recommended rim width range is 5.0" - 6.0 and so perhaps this is technically "stretching" them. I hate to use that term but wonder if a mild stretch on a tall tire would actually improve handling a bit, plus I don't see how going 1/2" over the maximum recommended rim width would cause the ride to be any harsher than what the Sport's 185/55R16s (on 6.0" rims) deliver.

Thoughts ? (Thanks.)
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 by cy

The only 2014 Honda Fit with 175/65-15 as Original Equipment is the Canadian spec version (same as the 2013 Honda Fit) so if you have 2014 Honda Fit LX or DX (Canadian Domestic Market) your original wheels are 5.5” wide with a 55mm offset.

We wouldn’t recommend mounting 175/65-15’s on 6.5” wide wheels because there is a risk of the tire being unseated. If you somehow found an installer to mount them I wouldn’t expect to see major differences in ride compliance based on just a width change since ride is so dependent on wheelbase length, suspension design and suspension tuning.
Thanks. Cy.
Saturday, May 3, 2014 by George

Are the steel rims on a. 2009 honda fit the same size as the steel wheels on a 2012 fit?
Monday, June 9, 2014 by Abby

I'm getting desperate. I own a 2012 FitSport and in the last 3 years I've blown 5 tires from pot holes. My first flat tire was weeks after purchasing the car. Every flat tire has been caused by a hole in the sidewall rendering the wheel useless. I've been replacing each flat with the standard 185/55/16 by dunlop. What can i do to avoid this problem? New tire size? Different brand?

Thank you so much!
Thursday, June 12, 2014 by cy

Sounds like you’re in the Northeast where potholes are everywhere so there’s only so much we can do to improve durability. That being said I would do the following: 1) migrate over to the custom over-sized size of 205/55-16, 2) make sure the your shop isn’t radically over inflating your tires beyond the Honda’s factory recommendation of 33 front & rear because an over-inflated tire’s sidewall lacks the ability of flex and absorb impacts and 3) although it’s usually not cost-effective given your run of bad luck I would get Road Hazard coverage on your tires.
Thanks. Cy.
Thursday, June 26, 2014 by Alex

2013 Honda Fit Sport, 20,000 miles/year. What is the latest recommendation on wider than original tire. Currently the car feels unstable with skinny tires in the rain. We are using the Blizzaks for winter, but looking for a new tire set (pricing) or new tire rim combo. Please let me know your latest recommendations. Alex near Philadelphia
Thursday, June 26, 2014 by cy

Alex, if you have a little bit of wear left on your current tires then I’d wait for August/September when Michelin will release the Premier Assurance A/S in 185/55-16. It will provide for optimal wet grip, decent longevity and good overall handling.

If you need to the replace them immediately then the 185/55-16 Kumho Ecsta PA31 would be the best option. Compared to the Premier Assurance A/S they’ll give up some wet grip and longevity.

If you planning having the car 5-8 years or longer I’d recommend running the 3 season tires on one set of rims and the winter tires on another set so you don’t have to re-mount balance bi-annually.
Thanks. Cy
Friday, June 27, 2014 by Rich

2009 Honda Fit Sport, looking at the I am thinking of getting Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus 205-50-16 set of 4 Or the Continental Extreme Contact DWS. I use one set only chgo has some nasty weather at times. Recommendations please
Friday, June 27, 2014 by cy

Rich, the Continental ExtremeContact DWS is the better choice between two because it’s significantly better wet grip. Thanks. Cy
Friday, July 11, 2014 by Manny

I would like to use a Borbet 16x7 45mm offse, 5.71" backspacing with a 205 50 16 Michelin as/3. Will I have a problem with the 1" added width of the wheels? Thanks
Monday, July 14, 2014 by cy

Manny, the 16x7 45 ET 205/50-16 combination will fit fine on a 2nd Generation (2009-2013) Honda Fit. Thanks. Cy.
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 by Steve

Will switching from 185/55-16 to 205/50-16 have any affect on the Anti-locking brakes?
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 by Sally Dewing

Great site. I have a 2008 Honda Fit and I'd like th best tire for navigating snow. Traction is most important to me. Thanks
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 by cy

Steve, since overall tire diameter remains the same (24.0” vs 24.1”), there is no effect on ABS (anti-lock brakes). Thanks. Cy
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 by cy

Sally, dedicated snows are optimal but the best 175/65-15 all-season choice for snow emphasis is the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422, see:


Thank. Cy
Monday, August 18, 2014 by Stu

I have 120,000 miles on our 2009 Fit Sport, 85,000 of those have been on 205/50 Bridgestone Ecopias from Tire Rack.

Fuel economy at 55-65 mph steady highway improved from 37 to 41 MPG. This was determined via Fuelly, not a random single reading.

Ride of broken pavement and bumps much improved.

Handling and steering response is about the same when running at 38-40 psi on all four tires.

We are very satisfied with 205/50s on 2nd gen (2009) Fit.
Monday, August 18, 2014 by cy

Stu,thanks for your feedback. Cy.
Friday, August 22, 2014 by John MacLean Photography

Hi Cy, I have a 2013 Fit Sport and my OEM tires have 29k on them, and I'm ready to replace all four. The Honda dealer suggests staying with the original size, but I'm open to better performance tires. I'm in Western NC where there's quite bit of rain, and some snow, which I avoid driving in. I experienced hydroplaning last week doing 50mph and it was a bit nerve-racking! I drive a hard on windy mountain roads and I'd like the best handing I can get.

Do you suggest the Yokohama AVID Ascend 185's or the S.drive 205's? Or another?

Saturday, August 23, 2014 by cy


Based on your use we need a tire with great wet grip, cold temperature capability, hydroplaning resistance and great wet & dry cornering grip. The best tire for these needs is the 205/50-16 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3, see:


The Avid Ascend demonstrated very average wet grip in our testing and the Yokohama S Drive won’t have sufficient grip in cold temperatures.

Thanks. Cy.
Saturday, August 30, 2014 by John MacLean Photography

Cy, Thank you so much for the recommendation of the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 tires. The difference is night and day! My Honda Fit Sport now handles like a sports car! Ok, as close to a sports car as you can get in a Fit! Thanks again, John
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 by cy

Thank you and thanks for your feedback. Cy.
Sunday, November 9, 2014 by Dubai

Hi Cy, I just imported Honda Fit 2009 Base model to Canada from US. So I'm looking to order some good winter tires. The problem is I want to buy alloy rims as well, but want to get as comfy ride as possible. Since Fit has a stiff suspension already, I don't want to add anymore harsh ride with tires. So I'm looking to stay 15 inch, but want as higher sidewall and as softer rubber so that overall comfort of ride is improved compared to stock tires. I don't really care about ice or snow performance - as I'm sure almost all descent winter tires provide that, but what tire size I can put maximum so that it won't rub? thank you.
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 by cy

We’ll test tires for wet grip, dry grip, snow traction but we don’t actively test the risk of rubbing on oversized tires since we ship the 99% of what we sell. The best resource for clearance information on oversized custom fit sizes is anecdotal feedback from other Fit drivers at the Fitfreak.net website we sponsor.
Thanks. Cy
Thursday, November 20, 2014 by vv

I have a 2011 Honda fit that came with Dunlop tires. After 3.5 years and 24,000 miles, two tires are being replaced because they are worn out. I'm not going with Dunlop any more. My options are Bridgestone Ecopia, Michelin Pilot Sport and Michelin Energy Saver. I need help deciding which will be best for me. I have a very less commute - some highway, some local. I drove in snow more than usual last year, but I'm trying to avoid doing that as much as possible going forward. I see that average cost of Michelin energy save is the highest (approx $130), but provides good mileage, but then Bridgstone's Ecopia does it too and that costs so much less (approx $80). Michelin Pilot sport looks very strong with price in between, but their mileage warranty is much lesser than the other two types. I just want to make sure that if I'm not making a mistake by choosing Ecopia because it seems more economical. Will appreciate any advise. Thanks.
Friday, November 21, 2014 by cy

For emphasis on efficiency, snow grip and wear the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 will be best choice. Thanks.Cy.
Wednesday, January 21, 2015 by Susan

Hi Cy,

I test drove a 2015 Fit EX and it had very loud tire noise from the front end. Can you recommend a tire that will be a whole lot quieter and also a smooth ride? I drive in lots of wet weather from mist to rain and also rarely freezing temps but no snow.


Thursday, January 22, 2015 by cy


Tires will obviously play a role in tire tread noise, tire impact noise and ride comfort but much of what you experience is intrinsic to the car. So I wouldn’t preemptively replace Original Equipment tires in the hopes of making a huge improvement.

If you wish to emphasize road manners when it’s time to replace tires I’d look the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All-Season Plus in the 205/50-16. This tire has been one of the quietest tires we’ve tested on 3-Series test cars.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015 by Mark Johnson

Hi, I live in eastern NC. We occasionally get snow and OFTEN get rain or drive on rough wet roads. We're looking to replace the OEM tires on our 2013 Honda Fit "sport". We want much better tread mileage this time, (got just 30,000 out of the OEMs), efficiency, good handling/ride and reliable wet traction. We ALSO want tires that are MUCH quieter!
It looks like switching to 205/50-16 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 is the best compromise for us, but I wanted your opinion. Is there a better choice???
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 by cy


For your priorities, I would go with the 205/50-16 General Altimax RT43. Compared to the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422, the RT43 has noticeably more wet grip, decent snow competency for an all-season, better handling and comparable road manners. See this tire here:


Based on our separate comparison tests we would expect the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 to be slightly more efficient but wouldn’t expect a huge difference.

I suspect some of the road noise is intrinsic to the car so I’m not sure how much improvement we can make.

Thanks. Cy.
Friday, February 6, 2015 by Nick

I have a 2012 Honda Fit Sport that came with the (crappy) Dunlop tires. After 2 years and 22,000 miles, two tires will need to be replaced because they are worn out. I will not purchase Dunlops, so what are my best options? I live in Dallas and my wife drives the car 90% of the time and she is a slow and safe driver. Looking for a quieter ride with good fuel economy. Cost is not a factor here.
I appreciate any advice. Thank you...Nick
Tuesday, February 10, 2015 by Cy

If replacing only two, I prefer to match the existing tires. Good alternatives if changing four would be the Michelin Premier AS or Yokohama Avid Ascend.
Thanks, Cy
Sunday, March 8, 2015 by Gerald


I have a 2010 Honda Fit Sport and it's coming time for me to change my tires due to wear and tear. I have the OEM 185/55r16s on it right now and the ride quality, a lot of tread noise (noisey on the highway) and stability is rough. I've seen the reviews about the 205/50-16 size tires and I'm willing to give them a try, but i really dont want to sacrifice too much fuel efficiency if i go with a larger tire size. I live in Florida and it rains quite a bit, so what size tire and brand of tire would you suggest for good ride quality, stability, less tread noise and good fuel efficiency?
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 by cy

Hello Gerald,
For fuel economy emphasis you're better off staying with the Original Equipment 185/55-16 tire size rather than the wider 205/50-16 size. The narrower footprint has less rolling resistance and therefore it’s more efficient. Specifically I'd look at Michelin Premier Assurance A/S, see:


I like this tire for its proven wet grip and its wet traction at mid-life.

Based on how well the Premier Assurance A/S performed in our test I would also expect to see some improvement in ride, highway stability and tread noise but some of what you're experiencing in these areas is intrinsic to the car.
Thanks. Cy.
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 by Jake

Hello Cy,

Very awesome you for years have been keeping up with this thread. This is my first time asking for help through tire rack. I read this whole thread.

I have had my 2009 Honda fit for over 180k miles and have used many different tires from here and other places and have never been really happy. It was interesting to see the recommendation for a wider tire for wet/snow (205/50/16) and I am interested as there seems to be limited choices in 195-55-16 and the oem size left for me to try. I value sharp handling, good wet and dry over everything. (the things that could save your life driving over a quiet ride / comfort) Longevity and good fuel economy matter as well since I drive many miles per year and get paid per mile. Given all the changes to new models since 2011 like the new Kumho ecsta 4x2 what right now is the best all season tire for those who want everything but comfort for the price?

I use dedicated XICE3 snows for winter in PA so it would be for possible light snow (it can always happen here in spring and fall) or no snow to summer/fall leaves.
I have used most recently...

Kumho ECSTA 4X (got 22k miles and they were shot....but were the best handling tire I have used ever on this car)

Yokohama AVID-ENVIGOR (little less than 35k miles and they were shot and they did not handle as well as the Kumhos but were ok)

I was considering General AS-03's just because i have yet to try them and i saw you mentioned them way back when...or the Conti DW or DSW's... and getting the larger size like you recommend over the 195-55-16. I have a newer suspension, free lifetime HUNTER alignments, and get the car rotated every 3-4k miles with change. Your competition Discount Tire tried to talk me into Yokohama YK-580's but i read some frightening reviews about them not doing well in wet conditions and cornering like poo...despite them being an exclusive....so i ended up here since you seem to give good recommendations based on people's needs and conditions. Wondering what you would recommend.

Thanks for your time
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 by cy

Jake, thanks for visiting the blog and for your detailed background information. For your key priorities of crisp steering response, great wet & dry grip with decent longevity, I'd go with the 205/50-16 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3, see:


The General G-Max AS-03 would be a decent 2nd choice but if you're a faster driver there's a significant difference in steering response and grip you'll notice.

We don’t have any hard data but I wouldn’t expect see major variances in fuel economy between the 2.

Thanks. Cy.
Thursday, April 2, 2015 by Bruce

Hi Cy
I have a 2009 Fit Sport and have to replace the OE tires. Most of the driving is in SW Florida, so rain is an issue in the summer. One or two trips/year to CT, so a much smaller possibility of snow, but I'm most concerned with ride, noise, & wet handling. My driving style is very conservative, and along with that, I appreciate the great mpg the Fit delivers. In your site, I've identified a few candidates:
General Altimax RT-43
Pirelli Cinturato
Michelin Premier
Sumatumo HTR A/S P02

I'm intrigued by the affordability of the Sumatumo...

I'd value your input on these or any other suggestions you may have.

Thanks Very Much,
Friday, April 3, 2015 by cy

For your parameters of ride compliance, low tread noise, wet grip, light snow traction and efficiency I like the 205/50-16 General Altimax RT43 as the optimal choice in your shortlist and most appropriate choice overall.

The Sumitomo HTR A/S P02’s predecessor, HTR A/S P01 was very average in the snow so I would rule out the HTR A/S P02 until it’s proven itself in our 2016 snow testing. The Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus’ wet traction test results were average. Thanks. Cy.
Friday, April 10, 2015 by Jason

Hi Cy, 2013 Fit Sport 40,000 miles Looking to replace OEM on current wheels for all season tire that has good tread life, good mpg, handles wet/snow conditions of NY. Lots of highway driving at speeds higher than posted if traffic allows. I have had 2 fronts get side wall bubbles from potholes and would like to avoid this issue if possible. Thanks!
Friday, April 10, 2015 by cy

Hello Jason,
For optimizing treadwear, efficiency, wet grip, snow traction and highway driveability I would stay with the 185/55-16 Original Equipment size Michelin Premier Assurance A/S, see:


Although the Premier Assurance A/S is a relatively new tire, it’s predecessor the Michelin Primacy MXV4 had good track record for treadwear. In our testing, it did very well in the wet, decent in snow and performed well overall.
Thanks. Cy.
Friday, April 24, 2015 by Derek

Hi CY, my 2013 Honda Fit sport OE Dunlop is getting to the end of its life at 18k. I live in Phoenix-Metro, Arizona and drive mostly highway. On fitfreak forum I saw that people changing to wider tire will minimize highway drift by cross win or groove on the road. Although I am not sure it is true or not, I do found my short and light weighted Fit steering is a little bit too sensitive and wind does blow it around in gusty days. So I am looking at some 205 size tire for my OE rims.

I am not a performance oriented driver. So I value Quite > Comfort > Fuel Efficient > Tread Life > Performance.

I am currently looking at the Pirelli P7 plus, General RT43 and Yokohama Avid Envigor. I do notice Bridgestone have a new Ecopia Ep 422 plus but I don’t see much review yet, so I would tend to stay on the safe side. I am interest in your opinion and suggestion, please let me know and thank you so much!
Monday, April 27, 2015 by cy

I'm not sure if running 205/50-16 has that much of an effect in cross-wind stability since the Fit's lightweight is the root cause.
For your parameters I like the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All-Season Plus, it was quiet and rode well in our comparison test.
I'm a little surprised that your OE Dunlops are out at 18K so I would check with your installer to verify they're rotating at least every 5K and you're running the Factory Recommended Air Pressure of 33 (or 2-5 lbs higher).
Thanks. Cy.
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 by Steve

Hi Cy,

I have a 2010 Fit Sport with 30k split between dedicated snows and rims and the original Dunlops. I live in upstate NY so the dedicated snows are on 5 months out of the year. 2 Dunlops are shot, and I going to replace all four.

Ride, wet traction, handling and longevity are all important to me. WIth the dedicated snows I guess I dont need to think as much about snow traction. I am torn between Michelin Prem M/S in 185 size versus the Mich Pilot Sport A/S 3 in 205 size, though it seems that as good a choice as both of those are, the General Altimax RT43 in the 205 size offers everything they do at a significant savings. What do you think? And, yes, it rains here when it does not snow.....
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 by bp

I have a fit sport 2013, wondering what the tire size with the tallest sidewall would be. I am a conservative driver...thinking it might look a little nicer to fill the wheel well a bit more...
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 by cy

Bp, We’ll test 4 tires back to evaluate performance, road manners and efficiency but we don’t test extreme sizing because the risk of rubbing will vary based on: exact tire (tread widths will vary slightly), amount of miles on the suspension and amount of weight that's in the back seat.

Given our conservative outlook we can't guarantee 205/55-16 won't rub and consider a "custom size." If you visit the Fitfreak website we sponsor you’ll probably find other 2nd Gen Fit drivers have that have successful experimented with this size and gotten them to work
Thanks. Cy.
Saturday, July 4, 2015 by DB

Hi CY,
I have been reading through this string and I have been impressed with your responses so I have a question for you but I am unsure if you have already covered it. I have a 2013 Fit Sport. I have had it for a little over a year. I live in the NYC area and our roads are just awful after having had two pretty awful, snowy winters back to back. I love this car but have had to replace 5 tires in this short time of owning the car due to sidewall bubbles and two actual blowouts due to hitting pot holes. I can change to my donut in under 12 minutes unassisted!! I hate having this skill. I have bought two of the tires from Tirerack because no one seems to sock these tires (185/55R-16). It has been suggested that I change to a larger tire (201/50-16) because they will be easier to replace and because they may be a bit hardier and not as susceptible to pot hole explosions. Is this even true? And should I do this? If it means I can go longer then 4 months without replacing a tire I will do it. Help!
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 by max

Hi, i've got a 2012 Fit Sport that i'd like to get new tires for.

Ideally i'd like something that will fit on the stock rims and would not mind moving to a 205/50-16 size. I need an all-season tire with good winter performance as I live in New England and endure its winters there. My secondary considerations would be comfort as the ride on the stock Dunlop tires is quite harsh. I would also like something that would decrease road noise. I drive primarily on the highway and something that offers good performance would be nice as well. Is there anything like this that comes close? I've heard good things about the Continental DWS, would you recommend that?

I realize the best thing would probably to get two sets of tires, one for the summer and dedicated snow tires but I do not have a place to store an additional set so I'm looking for a great jack of all trades.

Any help or recommendations would be great. Thanks.
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 by cy

DB, there's no significant difference in durability between the 185/55-16's and the 205/50-16's so I would stay with 185/55-16's. We now include 2 year road hazard on most passenger tires that will cover the 2 tires you recently purchased.
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 by cy

Max, for the deeper snowfalls you’re more apt to encounter in New England I'd recommend staying with 185/55-16. Michelin now makes the Michelin Premier Assurance A/S in that size, see:


Based on our separate tests of the Michelin Premier Assurance A/S' and the Continental ExtremeContact DWS' the Premier Assurance performs better in snow.

Ride compliance: Much of the ride harshness you're experiencing is due to the Fit's short wheelbase, suspension design and roads ravaged by harsh winters, so there's only so much we can improve.

That being said the Michelin Premier Assurance A/S tested did a good job of dampening the tar strips and road imperfections encountered on our Road Ride test loop so there should still be a noticeable improvement from switching from the OE Dunlops to the Michelin Premier Assurance A/S’. The Premier Assurance A/S also rides better than the Continental ExtremeContact DWS'.

Tread noise: Some of the tread noise you’re hearing is intrinsic to the Fit so I would expect the Premier Assurance A/S to have less tread noise than the OE Dunlops but I don’t foresee a radical difference.

So for your parameters I would go with the 185/55-16 Michelin Premier Assurance A/S. Currently they’re $133.15 before the $70 ($17.50 per tire) mail-in rebate ending 7/19.


Saturday, August 15, 2015 by Elise

Bless you for keeping this very thorough thread going.
My 2009 Honda Fit Sport just passed 92K. I started out with Bridgestone Turanza EL470 83H All-Season in that odd 185/55/16 size. Those lasted to 39K. In Jan 2011 I sized up to 205/50/16 to have more options and got Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 which have lasted about 50K. I lost some fuel economy with that switch, so if there are truly good options in the OE size I would probably go back.
I have a reasonably assertive driving style, as Dallas traffic necessitates some snappy handling at least once a day. I commute approx 20 miles on the highway each way, but that could be at 80 mph or 40 with a lot of stop and go. 9 months out of the year it's dry here, but when it's not we get a little bit of everything (rain, hail, snow, tornadoes, lots of high winds). So good handling in a variety of conditions would be preferable. I'm economical, but willing to spend more for a better tread life in addition to the handling & wet grip as mentioned above.
In the 205/50/16 size I had narrowed it down to Bridgestone Ecopia EP 422, Continental Extreme Contact DWS or Kumho Ecsta 4x, but it seems like your recommendations in the last year or so have changed a bit. Is one of those still the optimal choice or would you go with something else now?
Thursday, August 20, 2015 by cy

Elise, it sounds like we’re looking for a tire with good steering response, wet grip, dry grip and overall handling, longevity and the versatility to handle the abnormally cold spells DFW hasn’t recently experienced. There isn’t a 185/55-16 tire that has this combination of characteristics so I’d go 205/50-16 Continental ExtremeContact DWS which does.

Tire manufactures aren’t require to have an efficiency rating but the fact that Continental ExtremeContact DWS weighs 2 lbs less than Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 means it should be better with MPG.

Thanks. Cy.
Friday, August 28, 2015 by Anne D

This forum is great--thanks for running it. I'm looking for a tire recommendation for my 2010 Fit Sport. Obviously, rain is a major factor so I need something that handles well in the wet weather and, ideally, keeps up the MPG. what do you suggest these days?
Friday, August 28, 2015 by cy

Anne, for great wet grip, hydroplaning resistance and efficiency I’d recommend the Michelin Premier Assurance A/S. Please note Michelin starts a $70 mail-in rebate on Monday so any orders placed from now through September 27th will qualify.
Thanks. Cy.
Thursday, October 22, 2015 by Matt

Went with a 205/50 Yokohama YK260 on my 2010 Fit Sport. HUGE improvement to braking distance, cornering is also improved. However, as it's not an eco tire and is wider, our fuel economy dropped a comfortable 15% or so, if not more. Highway went from comfortable 40+ even at 70 to low-mid 30's at best.
Monday, November 2, 2015 by Charles Frey

I have a 2012 Honda Fit Sport and am looking to replace all four tires. I have factory size tires (185/55R16/83H) on my car now, but want to get wider tires, preferably Michelin, or other high quality tires that have an AA traction rating. It was raining today and my car hydroplaned while driving through some shallow puddling of water on the road, and I lost control of the vehicle for a few seconds. What exact size tire should I get, and what specific tire do you recommend? Perhaps you can give me your top three recommendations, based on my requirements. Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.
Monday, November 2, 2015 by cy

Mr. Frey,
For hydroplaning resistance emphasis you're better off staying with the 185/55-16 Original Equipment size. With all other variables being equal the wider tire is more apt to hydroplane as the wider footprint floats instead cutting through standing water. In 185/55-16 I'd look at the Michelin Premier Assurance A/S as it tested well for wet grip and is special designed to resist hydroplaning as it wears. For a distant 2nd choice I'd look at the Kumho Ecsta PA31. Finally if you really want to run a wider sizer go with the 205/50-16 General G-Max AS-03.
Thanks Cy.
Monday, April 18, 2016 by David

Hello Cy,
I have a 2013 Honda Fit Sport which I have just ordered your Koni STR.T Damper Set & Eibach Spring kit and Eibach Alaignment Kit (bolts) for, as well as a Progress Technology 19 mm rear sway bar. Really looking forward to this set up but am currently still on stock tires. What would you recommend? I live in Southern California and enjoy driving in the canyons so would like something sticky, it's dry here with the draught weather.
Also with that in mind, what camber specs would you recommend I tell the alignment shop?
Great and informative thread, thanks.
Tuesday, April 19, 2016 by Cy

Hi David,

Great suspension set-up! For a daily driven vehicle with sport suspension we recommend getting a tire that balances great grip with decent wear. Best choice if we want to emphasize grip over wear would the 205/50-16 Ultra High Performance Summer BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2, see:


Best choice if we want to prioritize wear over grip would be the Closeout 205/50-16 Continental ExtremeContact DWS, see:


or it’s replacement the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 which boasts improved steering response and wet grip compared to the ExtremeContact DWS, see:


As for camber I would ask your installer to align to factory settings as you might sacrifice tire wear by running non-factory alignment.

Thanks. Cy.
Thursday, June 9, 2016 by Vimalan

I'm driving a 2013 Honda Fit sport with original Dunlop tires.

I'm looking to replace all four tires.

I need ride comfort, good fuel economy and reduced noise. I'm a
I do lot of highway miles and I don' push my vehicle hard. What tires would you recommend?

Appreciate your help!! Nice forum.
Wednesday, June 15, 2016 by cy

Hello Vimalan,

Thanks for visiting the blog and for your kind words.

For your parameters I would recommend going with 185/55-16 Michelin Premier Assurance A/S, see:


In our comparison test we found the Premier Assurance A/S combined good ride, low tread noise, stellar wet grip and good overall handling. Staying with the Original Equipment 185/55-16 size helps with efficiency.

Thanks. Cy.
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 by David

I have a 2015 Honda FIT Nav-L came with Firestone FR 740, 185 55 R16

They have over 20K on them now and no flats or problems.

But the ride and handling is mediocre at best.

They ride hard and corner poorly. I have to really back it down on mountain switchbacks and most road curves. Other cars seem to pass me.

Maybe it's the design of the FIT?

But is there a better handling tire out there in preferably a larger size that qualifies as a substitute like a 205 50 R16 so the circumference is similar.

Any suggestions on a better tire for this car?

Not to many tire reviews yet since in 2015 Honda completely changed the FIT and it's handling too and few have replaced the OEM tires yet.

Thank you.
Wednesday, October 12, 2016 by Cy

David, obviously your 2015 Fit's innate level of steering response and overall handling will limit how much improvement is possible. With that in mind I would change over to the 205/50-16 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 + when it's time. Michelin is still transitioning from the older Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 but they are expecting to ship 205/50-16 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+'s in Spring or Summer 2017. This tire will be the best combination of steering response, overall grip and wear in any compatible 16" size. The advantage of the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ compared to Pilot Sport A/S 3 is better snow grip. Thanks. Cy.
Wednesday, December 7, 2016 by Guy

Hi Cy
Great blog! Hi own a 2103 Honda fit base (Dx-a) with 175/65r15. I just bought a set of 2013 OE fit sport rims 16x 6 offset 53. I'm looking to put a new set of summer tire for my new rims. Will a 185/55r16 fit on my rims? Will it be a good fit for the car ? No rubbing? I'm thinking of going with the Michekin premier as. I will love your advice before I buy.

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate.
Thursday, December 8, 2016 by Cy

Thanks for visiting our blog. Assuming your Canadian-spec DX has the same clearance as the US-spec Fit (in theory it should) then 185/55-16's will fit your wheels fine and won't rub.
Thursday, March 16, 2017 by Vince

Wow! Incredible blog over here!
I have a 2015 Honda Fit with OEM Bridgestone Turanza ER300 185/55R16, and now is almost time to change them, after 32K.
I was thinking on buy 205/50-16 Michelin Pilot Sport 3, but there is a nice promo to adquire a same tire size but Bf Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2.
I understand that try a bigger size than OEM maybe will affect fuel economy, but I think that this will give me a little more stabilty on the road, I travel a lot.
Which tire would you recomend me.
Thank you four your time and, again, for being incredible advisors to all of us
Saturday, March 18, 2017 by Cy

Vince, thank you. Just to clarify, are you looking for better straight line tracking while cruising at highway speeds or better handling while on curvy roads? What kind of local weather conditions do you typically deal with?
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 by Tawin

This blog is a blessing. Good job! I have a 2015 Fit with Bridgestone 185/55-16. I'm planning on switching to a 205/50-16 specifically Hankook VENTUS V2 CONCEPT2 becuase of the affordability with better than average ratings. My driving style is spirited. Mostly city driving with occasional highways. Only dry and wet road conditions and no snow. One set of tires all year sound.
My questions are:
-How does the cheaper Hankook VENTUS V2 CONCEPT2 compare to the other 205s in terms of Handling and Durability?
-Will the switch from 185 to 205 in stock 6" rims really affect fuel efficiency? How much?
-Will the switch from 185 to 205 increase road noise?
-Will the switch from 185 to 205 decrease responsiveness while turning because of the added bulge over the 6" rim?

Thanks in advance Cy!
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 by Cy


Thanks for your kind words and visiting our blog.

We haven't done a head-to-head comparison test with Ventus V2 Concept 2 so we don't have as much hard data as we would like. Based on the overall trend we've seen with other Hankook all-season tires that we've tested I would expect to see good overall handling, decent wear but average wet grip.

For the parameters of handling, durability, better wet grip (the biggest safety difference we see in testing) and value I would go with the General G-Max AS-05 instead, see:


With respect to other factors you mentioned, tread noise is more function of the specific tire choice and steering response will be more dependent on tire choice than a moderate width difference.

Best source for feedback on efficiency differences with 205/50-16 is the fitfreak.net owner’s site as you can find anecdotal feedback on drivers that have made the switch.


Friday, August 11, 2017 by K.Y.

I own a 2012 Honda Fit Base
Current wheel and tire set up is Steel wheels with 175/65/15.

I am looking at suggestions for snow tires on the original 15" steels and for weight savings (
Friday, August 11, 2017 by Cy


Our steel wheels weight 18 pounds so yours should weight the same or close. You’ll find “winter” wheels that are as light as 9.5 pounds. What’s a “winter” wheel? Winter wheels are wheels that we have segregated from normal wheel listings because they have more durable, resilient winter ready finish (obviously they can also be used year round).

Please do the following to see lighter compatible winter wheels:

1) From this link:


Click on the Add to Package button add your tire (if you just need wheels delete the wheels later).

2) You’ll now see a list of winter wheels.

3) Above the Filters on the left side of the page you’ll see an option to Sort. Click on Sort and sort by Weight.


Friday, November 3, 2017 by Joel

I have a 2009 Fit Sport. I am on a quest to find a tire that will either wear much longer on the outside of the tire, or find an aggressive tread on the outer edges. My issue is, I deliver newspapers 6 days a week with the fit. I put about 100 miles a night on the car, and I am constantly rounding cul-de-sacs which is why my front tires wear so quick. I recently on got 8000 miles out of a new pair of Toyo Extensa HPs. The outside will wear out, while the rest of the tire has 70% tread left. So maybe going with the 205/50/16 will be a good alternative, but your insight would be helpful as well
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 by Cy


Any tire is going to wear rapidly in that scenario so we can make some improvement but we're never get stellar wear. Best way to substantively improve wear is 1)go with an affordable tire that wears well for its category and 2)has tread design that allows your installer to re-mount your tires so that inside becomes the outside and vice versa. For example of a tire that meets those parameters see the BF Goodrich g-Force Comp2 A/S:


Make sure that you rotate super frequently and experiment with running 5-8 pounds higher than the door placard pressure of 32 psi. See anecdotal feedback from other Fit drivers that experimented with comparable air pressures here:




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