O.Z. Racing Alleggerita HLT for Porsche Cayman

O.Z. Alleggerita HLTAre you looking for affordable track wheels for your Cayman? Then take a look at the O.Z. Racing Alleggerita HLT.

The Alleggerita HLT offers a very unique combination of low weight, O.Z. engineering and great value. The High Light Technology (HLT) uses rollers to compress and elongate material along the barrel of a low-pressure cast aluminum wheel to produce the desired profile. This particular process is derived from O.Z.'s experience in F1 and produces a wheel that is extremely light and strong. Combining the HLT technologies with the flow forming process creates mechanical features similar to those of a forged wheel. This allows for a dramatic reduction in wheel weight while enhancing structural rigidity vs. a standard cast wheel.

Ideal tire sizing will vary depending on your Cayman's suspension tuning and/or fender modifications. Listed below are a few common sizes Cayman drivers enjoying running:

245/40-18 front and 275/35-18 rear 
245/35-18 front and 295/30-18 rear

Combining the O.Z Racing Alleggerita HLT with the Hankook Ventus Z214 Dry Racetrack & Autocross Only tires in 245/40-18 front and 275/35-18 rear sizing creates a Tire & Wheel Package at $2,444* plus shipping.

Shop by vehicle to see which wheel is a great option for your vehicle.

*Prices subject to change

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