Reflections on a great winter season!

As I sit here on a day in early February staring at the phone to ring, I have a chance to reflect on what a great winter season it was this year. I was able to help quite a few customers get through the winter and many people purchased before the first snow fall this season.
Winter driving

Let me take a minute to explain how important ordering early can be.

Every year we can always count on the calls for winter product from late September through Christmas.  But this year I saw an animal of a different color I have never seen in my 7 years here:  More calls earlier than in years past.  And I'm not talking the people who woke up and called us with their first cup of coffee here, either.  I'm talking about pro-active people.  You know, the ones you always secretly resent because at the end of the day their to-do lists are always all checked off and they go home with spotless desks!
But joking aside, a trend we have seen in the past here at Tire Rack is some scrambling in Mid-December to buy whatever's left because people hoped they could get through the year on all-season tires instead of Blizzaks, or Michelin X-Ice, or any snow tire.  This year we helped quite a few driver in October, and that's a great thing.

Why?  Because it means people are listening.

Listening to their friends who buy snow tires.  Listening to us. Watching the advertising (have you seen our new commercials on TV?  Pretty snazzy.) in both print and online.  Generally "getting it" that winter tires really do get you and your family from A-B more safely.  Helping more people in October this year means that people are excited about getting into safer tires before the white-knuckle trip to work one morning in late November on three-quarter worn all seasons seemed like they would get through one more winter.  It's an exciting trend to see, and we hope it continues. 

Because really, how much fun is it to use the car in front of you to stop?  

If you have not tried a real dedicated snow tire yet, think about putting a set at the top of the list next year.


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