Is It Really That Hard to Check Your Tire Pressure?

So I'm sitting at an intersection today listening to my favorite big hair heavy metal band from the 80s (don't laugh, it's coming back you know) and I look over to see your favorite car and mine - a minivan, next to me with rust, unwashed windows, and yup, a tire that's near flat. I shake my head in disbelief. "Is it really that hard to check your tire pressure ?" I think to myself.

Then I look around. 

Apparently some people is in fact most people. Look around for yourself. According to the NTSB, twenty-seven percent of passenger cars with regular passenger car tires have at least one tire that is under inflated by 8 psi or more. And that's just the cars. As I look around at this particular intersection I figure it's at least that. Now I see the reason that all new cars come with tire pressure monitoring systems standard. Evidently we have all become so busy that we cannot take the time to check our tires once a month. It takes literally a minute to do. Heck, in most new cars you just hit a button and look at the readout on the dash! If you need a nice tire gauge, we sell them. Older car and don't have a TPMS system;  Yep, we can help you there too. The gas you save a year by having the right pressures (1.2 billion gallons a year!) will pay for them, guaranteed.

Take some time to read up on TireRack's tire technical articles. Especially this one. They are all written by guys who know more about tires than thought humanly possible.  Take the time to be informed.  Because informed drivers are more conscious.  And a conscious driver is a safe one.

And check out the new Iron Maiden.  I don't care what my wife says, it's awesome!

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