Sumitomo's New HTR A/S P01 High Performance All-Season Tire

The new Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 (H&V) tire was designed for year-round traction for sports cars, coupes, and sedans while providing excellent dry and wet road performance and wintertime traction. HTR A/S P01 stands for High Tech Radial, All-Season, Premium 1st Generation. If you are looking for a good, affordable, performance all-season tire this one definitely fits the bill. These tires come in a wide range of sizes and speed ratings ranging from H, V, and W and in many staggered sizes as well. 
Sumitomo HTR A/S P01
We just recently finished our Real World Road Ride tests and dry and wet track testing and I personally thought it had very reliable handling and a good, comfortable ride with very little noticeable tread noise. I felt the tires did a good job holding the road while also absorbing the bumps and rough road surfaces very well. I'm sure once we finalize all of our testing data this tire will prove to be a great choice and a very competitive tire among other performance all-season tires.


Sunday, July 17, 2011 by Rob

Bad experience with these tire. ( Bought 4 In May for our Toyota to replace the worn out Goodyear Triple Treads that I was told where no longer available in our size. ) On Sunday 7/10 about 2500 miles I noticed 2 of the 4 tires had bubbles. I called Tire Rack and was told it must be impact damage. I disputed that and was sent 2 more at a discounted price. They arrived on 7/12 and where mounted are car 7/14. Took family on road trip to Hershey, PA ( ALL Highway Driving 1250 Miles around trip ) Return home late & this morning 7/17 noticed bubbles on 1 of the replacement tires & 1 of the 2 remaining original tires. ( side note when the first 2 where dismounted there was not evidence of splitting on inside. So 3 of 6 tires have shown signs for bubbling thats a 50% failure rate as far as I am concerned ( in all the time I have been driving i have only had 2 other tires go bad and when it happened I knew why immediately ) These tires have not hit anything, when i mounted the first 4 I had the struts & shocks replaced & they where mounted, balanced and car was aligned. This is the first set of tires that Tires Rack recommended that I have ever had problems with.

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