Toyo Proxes R888: A Good Balance of Track Performance and Longevity

Today is a great day to be an automotive enthusiast. The performance available from today's vehicles is better than it has ever been before and there are large numbers of racetracks across the country opening their gates to the public for open lapping days. With more and more drivers on tracks, the demand for Extreme Performance Summer tires and dedicated race compound tires has exploded. 

One of the most popular tires we offer to open lapping and HPDE students is Toyo's R888. While this tire may not be as quick around a road course as a full slick tire such as the Hoosier R7, it does wear significantly better, is much more predictable at the limit and allows its user to briefly drive on them to and from the track. Featuring a 100 treadwear rating and a tread depth of 6/32", it is possible to get a full season of enjoyment out of one set of tires. While everyone always wants to go as fast as possible, the Toyo has done a good job of being competitive while keeping the cost of consumables lower. Offering broad market coverage with a large array of sizes, there is a Toyo R888 for most popular track applications. 

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