Toyo Motorsports Tires Now Available at Tire Rack

Recently, we announced our new relationship with Toyo. Although we have carried Toyo tires in the past, fitments had been limited to those that came Original Equipment on select newer vehicles. 

Adding Toyo's line-up of tires will strengthen our already wide selection of competition-based tires and allow customers to select from popular intermediate compounds that are known to wear longer than super soft tires such as the Hoosier R6 and A6. Tires added to our line-up include the following:

Moreover, these tires are offered in a wide array of hard-to-find fitments and will make for good selections for those with few performance options. Given the outstanding reputation of the R888, I can't wait to get my hands on a set of 225/45-15s for my own personal use. This tire promises an excellent choice for those looking for a 100 treadwear tire.

Note: Many sanctioning racing bodies also use the Toyo RA1 as a spec tire in various classes.


Sunday, May 26, 2013 by Ron

Is there a chance you will stock the Toyo proxes 4 PLUS A/S, as independent test show they outperform the conti DWS by wide margins. Ex. they stop a full 6 car lengths shorter in snow than C- DWS and get 47% better treadwear. Please stock them as they have been rated very highly. Google Toyo proxes 4 PLUS compared to Continental Extreme contact DWS. It appears that Michelin Pilot A/S plus has been disappointing and Conti DWS the same. The older models of both were great tires, something is wrong with compounds or ?? Thanks for your time, but please look into the toyo proxes 4 plus for us.

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