Affordable 20" and Larger Yokohama SUV Tires and Yokohama Truck Tires

If you oYokohama Parada Spec-Xwn a sport truck, SUV or vehicle capable of fitting 20" and larger wheels, you may have become accustomed to paying high prices for tires or sacrificing quality to meet your budget. Recently, as larger wheel and tire assemblies have become more mainstream, the cost for these larger tires have fallen. 

Although tires that feature a larger inside diameter and width may never be as cost-effective as traditional 15-17" sizes, it seems that on a daily basis I'm able to stun customers with prices that are lower than they expected.

One of my favorite selections to recommend to customers looking for a 20"-28" tire is the Yokohama Parada Spec-X. This tire, available in 39 different sizes, makes selection easy and affordable. With a speed rating of either H or V, these Yokohama tires also meet most manufactures' requirements for use on today's high performance vehicles. Featuring an all-season compound with a host of biting edges, the Yokohama Parada Spec-X is designed for use in all climates. 

If you're looking for Yokohama tire reviews of the Parada Spec-X take a look at our Tire Survey Results.


Friday, February 16, 2018 by Kevin Gerig

I am looking for tires and possible 2 rims. LT 235 75r15 AT 2 MS 28 inches in diameter Load Range D or E rated for 3000 lbs heavy side wall construction if I have to go to a 16 inch rim and a wide tire what would be the conversion so that tire is not more than 28 1 2 in Diameter also 17 32 thread. I have seen a Cooper tire I liked but could not find a Load Range E tire or even a D in a 15 inch rim thread design like wrangler or B F Goodrich 101Q LT raised White Letter that is what I got now only rated for 1900 lbs my leaf spring are rated at 4000lbs. My air bags are rated at 5000 lbs I need a tire built for towing as a Load Range E tire is the recommended choice.
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 by Tire Rack Team

Kevin, we are not showing any 15-inch tires with the specifications you asked for. You might look at the size 225/75R16, Cooper has their Discoverer A/T3 in E load with 16.5/32nds to tread depth. Follow the link below for current pricing:

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