Switching to Non-Run-Flat Tires? Don't Have A Spare? Consider the Continental ContiComfortKit

Due to cost saving and weight saving measures taken by many auto manufacturers, an increasing number of cars today are sold without a compact or full size spare. Rather than be reliant on roadside assistance, many customers call in looking for ways to remedy the problem. While full size spare wheel and tire assemblies can be sold, they likely will not fit in the area provided under your trunk flooring or carpeting. A more popular option is the Continental ContiComfortKit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Braided air hose
  • Threaded hose end
  • 15-foot power cord
  • Lighted pressure gauge
  • Low-intensity L.E.D. supplemental work ligh

Featuring a pump that operates off the 12V power source found in your car, the kit can fully inflate most tire sizes and also has the ability to disperse a self-contained sealant to temporarily repair the tire. While professional repair is encouraged for continued long-term use, the Continental ContiComfortKit does a good job of sealing most small punctures caused by common road debris. With the user selecting whether or not sealant is dispersed, the pump can also be used for regular inflation and basic maintenance. 

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