Sway Bars: A Cost-Effective Suspension Upgrade

One of the most simple, yet beneficial upgrades you can make to your suspension set-up is an improved sway bar. Available in front and rear matched kits, or as stand alone front or rear units, sway bars are a great way to reduce unwanted body roll under cornering loads.

If your car is well balanced from the factory, a full sway bar kit is likely the way to go. However, many people will see improvements with just a front or rear bar. Do you have a car that understeers or pushes into corners? A rear sway bar may be what your vehicle needs. In this scenario, a stronger and stiffer rear sway bar will help the car rotate into corners and reduce some of that understeer present in many of today's automobiles.

With options available from Eibach, H&R and Hotchkis, Tire Rack has the suspension products you need to properly fit your vehicle.

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