When to Mount Winter / Snow Tires - How Early is Too Early?

As the winter season fast approaches, it seems that the most frequent question I receive is when to mount winter / snow tires. While this answer is never set in stone and will vary based on where you reside, I typically recommend the middle of November as a good time for installation. The tires will stay on through the middle of March or until April, it all depends on when temperatures begin to rise.

With that being said, certain tires such as options found in the Performance Winter / Snow category feature a stiffer sidewall and higher speed ratings that are a little more appropriate for extended dry road use. In contrast, extremely soft compounded tires with a very low speed rating will want to be kept off until absolutely needed to avoid premature wear. These aggressive winter / snow tires can be found in the Studless Ice & Snow category.

While the added traction and sense of security is always a great thing, installing your winter / snow tires too early in the season or keeping them them on too long can diminish their effectiveness when they're needed most.

Winter is almost here, so be sure to create a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package to handle the harsh conditions that are on the way.

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