Winter Wheel Fitment for Brembo-Equipped Ford Mustang GTs and GT500s

Sport Edition F10 Silver PaintedRecently, a wheel has been added to our fitment arsenal that allows for additional winter options on Brembo-equipped 2011-12 Ford Mustang GTs and 2007+ GT500s. These cars, equipped with 14" front brakes and four-piston calipers have until now been very difficult to cost-effectively outfit for the winter.

Having a design that focuses on spoke clearance as well as carefully selected offset, the Sport Edition F10 provides the necessary clearance to avoid brake interference. In addition, it's offered in 18" fitments that allows for more tire selections and additional tire sidewall height that many drivers look for to cushion harsh blows on rough winter roads. 

While this wheel was crafted to clear factory big brake kits, it will also fit on any 2005+ Mustang.

Driving a powerful, RWD, solid axle car through winter conditions can be challenging enough with any equipment. While you'll still need to be attentive and aware of the vehicle's capabilities, a proper Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package can turn your summer sports car into a year-round, all-weather warrior.

Start enjoying winter driving in your vehicle and build your Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package today!

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