Michelin's Mr. Bib Visits Road Atlanta

Recently, I was lucky enough to travel south from our Indiana headquarters to the famed Petit LeMans race held this year at Road Atlanta. For those of you that have never been to an American LeMans Series race, I highly recommend that you take a look at the 2012 events calender and plan accordingly. It's not often one gets to experience so closely the efforts put forth by the drivers, crews and their machines. 

BibDuring an excursion along the pit wall, I met several drivers, crew members and finally the iconic Mr. Bibendum. It appeared on this day that he wasn't fighting evil gas pumps or flinging tires onto cars skidding out of control, but rather showcasing the lessons learned from Michelin's racing programs.

As one of the premier tire suppliers to ALMS teams, Michelin had countless employees present to gather data and keep teams stocked with the Michelin performance tires they would need to keep their cars competitive over the 12-hour stint. Such an effort was very inspiring and made me appreciate the amount of testing and development that is continually applied to Michelin's full line of products. And they must be doing something right, as our performance tire reviews show the Michelin Pilot Super Sport as the top tire in its category.

Of course, we're not all lucky enough to drive race cars on famed circuits, or compete in endurance racing events. For some, the closest we may get is a lapping day with our weekend track toy. For others, a joyful Sunday drive might do the trick. Whatever the scenario, enjoy your time behind the wheel. 

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