Max Performance Summer Tire Review: Michelin Pilot Super Sport

After several months as the class leader of the Max Performance Summer tire category, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport still continues to amaze. This tire, known and praised for its immediate turn-in response and dry drip, has also been well reviewed in the performance ratings of ride and noise comfort. We often see tires do one thing very well, however, very rarely do we see a tire with such high remarks across the spectrum. 

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is a tire that you can enjoy day in and day out on your high performance street car and also hit the track should the opportunity arise. Initially introduced as Original Equipment on several of the world's most sophisticated performance vehicles, the Pilot Super Sport is now available in over 80 sizes. This rockstar tire is positioning itself to be a continuing major player for years to come.

With the tire being so popular, customers are sure to be saying great things about their experience with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Take a look at a few positive remarks from drivers who have equipped a set of these tires on their vehicle:

"I bought a set of these tires because I was tired of the roar of my previous set of Goodyear tires. I also have a set of these on my ?3D for the same reason. I want the best possible handling and comfort with the least noise. This is what you get with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. I've gone through a lot of tires and I like the the Michelin PSS the best for the money!" -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 2003 Chevrolet Corvette

"These Pilot Super Sports are the bomb! The handling is amazing. I can't think of a single negative thing I could say about them. They are the perfect high performance tire for good handling sports car in the dry. You can't go wrong with these tires in a California climate!" -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 2000 Audi TT Coupe Quattro

"Simply phenomenal! They have made the ride smoother, quieter and are predictable while cornering at high speeds and under hard braking. I had the opportunity to track the car, as well and the result was the same: simply phenomenal!" -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 1995 Ferrari 456GT

To see if this top ranked Max Performance Summer tire is available for your car, shop by vehicle.


Sunday, June 7, 2015 by Ronald Wells

I am looking for a good set of tires for my 2003 corvette convertible.I want a tire that is not a run flat and i am looking for a tire that is known as a quiet tire I hate tire noise.Also would prefer a non directional tire if that's possible
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 by ronnie forrest

need the best riding run flat tires for my 2003 corvette cost and ride better than miles
Saturday, July 11, 2015 by

If ride comfort is one of your most desired traits, I would suggest looking at an all-season run-flat. Among that group, the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S+ has proven to be a very popular seller.

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