Max Performance Summer Tire Review: Continental ExtremeContact DW

As one of our best sellers in the Max Performance Summer category, the Continental ExtremeContact DW has been a hit with customers looking for class leading performance and a price point lower than most of its competitors. Currently, this tire is ranked in the top five in its performance category and is holding steady in that position with several million miles of consumer-driven survey data to its credit.

Although a competent tire in the dry, this tire gathers much praise for its wet weather handling ability. Featuring a good amount of tread void, the ExtremeContact DW is very appropriate for consumers looking for a well-balanced summer tire for dry and wet climates. Like all summer tires, this option isn't intended for use in below freezing conditions and should not be confused with Continental's popular Ultra High Performance All-Season tire, the ExtremeContact DWS.

The ExtremeContact DW features Tuned Performance Indicators - visible letters molded into the second rib from the outboard shoulder to alert drivers of the tire's performance levels. A visible "DW" indicates this Continental tire has sufficient tread depth for dry and wet road conditions and after the "W" has worn away, the remaining "D" indicates the tire has appropriate tread depth for dry conditions only.

Our customers have enjoyed this tire for a few years and speak very highly about their experience with it:

"Great tire! The dry grip is good, but the wet grip is simply amazing for a Max Performance Summer tire. I have run two track weekends and a couple of autocross events on this set and there appears to be more than half the tread left. I have recommended this tire to several of my friends and now considering getting them on my 335is." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 1999 BMW M3 Coupe

"I love these tires. These tires are a replacement to the Original Equipment on my 2005 BMW X3 3.0I Sports Package and they are the perfect replacement. Tires are very quiet at all speeds and handling is excellent. I will definitely buy them again!" -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 2005 BMW X3 3.0I Sports Package

If you're looking for performance on a budget, you'd be hard pressed to find a tire that represents a better bang for the buck.

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