Long Lasting Tires Available at Tire Rack

In recent years, tire technology has come a long way. Improvements in tire compounding have led to tires that have a longer life. Long lasting tires will usually feature a harder tread compound that's indicated by a higher UTQG treadwear indication figure (usually over 700). In addition, they may focus on low rolling resistance tread designs that not only maximize a tire's life but also improve fuel efficiency.

While these tires are about the furthest thing from a performance tire, their soft sidewalls and hard tread compounds allow them to wear extremely well and provide comfort as you soak up those long highway miles. It should be noted that these tires are not for everyone, or for every vehicle. Often times certain manufacturers will design a vehicle to be used with a high-speed capable tire. If your vehicle requires an H- (130 MPH) or V- (149 MPH) speed rated tire, I suggest you take a look at a Grand Touring All-Season or Ultra High Performance All-Season tire as opposed to the Standard Touring All-Season or Passenger All-Season fitments.

A few of our best selling maximum mileage tires are as follows:

Hankook Optimo H727

  • 100,000-mile treadlife warranty
  • Smooth, comfortable ride
  • Low noise

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons

  • 85,000-mile treadlife warranty
  • Good all-season bite
  • Responsive road handling

Michelin Defender

  • 90,000-mile treadlife warranty
  • Replacement for the popular Michelin HydroEdge with Green X
  • Incredibly smooth ride and quiet

Continental ProContact with EcoPlus Technology

  • 80,000-mile treadlife warranty
  • Road hazard insurance included from Continental
  • Excellent wet weather traction

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