Introducing the Michelin Premier LTX

Last season Michelin introduced a new generation tire to the Grand Touring All-Season passenger car market. The new tire, named the Michelin Premier A/S has since risen to the top of our consumer driven surveys and performed well in our dry and wet track testing. Using rain grooves that expand as the tire wears, the Premier A/S is able to perform predictably and favorably in the wet and snow, even as the tire ages and its tread depth decreases. With reviews being very positive, I was not surprised to hear of an addition to their SUV tire lineup featuring this new technology. 

Launching this summer, the Michelin Premier LTX will enter the extremely competitive Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season market with hopes of continued dominance. The tire will be launched in a wide array of sizes ranging from 16" - 22" in a variety of speed ratings. Featuring the same technology found in the Michelin Premier A/S, we should be looking at another very consistent performer and consumer favorite. 

Shop by vehicle to see if a Premier tire from Michelin is available for your application.

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