High Mileage Tire Offering from Michelin

Michelin, one of the most respected names in the business, has always been a brand that's associated with excellent wear and long treadlife. While the company previously offered the Harmony and HydroEdge with Green X with 80,000-mile or higher treadwear warranties, these products have been consolidated and replaced with the Defender. Like its predecessors, the Defender has been extremely well received in regards to excellent treadlife, low noise and a good ride.

The Defender is available in 38 sizes to fit many of today's passenger cars and light-duty crossover vehicles. It features a 90,000-mile treadlife warranty and has proven itself as a capable all-season option. Currently ranked as the top tire in the Standard Touring All-Season category, the Defender receives high marks in the following areas:

  • Dry Traction
  • Steering Response
  • Ride Comfort
  • Treadwear
  • Hydroplaning Resistance
  • Cornering Stability
  • Wet Traction
  • Noise Comfort

Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about their experience with the Michelin Defender:

"These are the best tires I have ever purchased. They run quiet and have a soft ride. There is no slipping or sliding on turns and they feel like they are glued to the road." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 2010 Toyota Prius IV

"Fantastic tire. Definitely the best tire I have ever had. Extremely quiet, stable and a great ride." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 2003 Pontiac Vibe

"The Defenders are quiet and have amazing traction in Oregon rain. No hydroplaning and I get 36 mpg on the freeway. They are on our 2009 Toyota Camry XLE. I'm now buying them for our Cadillac! I have never been more pleased with a tire purchase." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 2009 Toyota Camry XLE


Friday, May 23, 2014 by Tommy Kerwood

What Michelin Tire can i purchase for my recently restored 65 Dodge Coronet...I want great handling and tread life in an all season radial....Im thinking of a 16 inch diameter tire. I want a wide tire for the rear and a 4 1/2 to a 5 1/2 tread width for the front....Please advise.
Thursday, May 29, 2014 by marshall@tireack.com

What size outside diameter are you looking for?
Friday, October 2, 2015 by Bill

Worst tire i have owned for getting good MPG on the prius. I went from getting 52mpg to getting 44mpg with the defender. I ran two sets of Michelin Energy Saver, first set gave me 54mpg, second set gave me 52mpg, i still had 40% tread life on them when costco said they would not repair a flat becuase hole was within 15inches of a previous repair, so i brougt them a 2009 energy saver i had saved, but they refused to install it because it was barely but over 5 years old. They also said the Michelin Energy Saver was permanently out of stock and i had no choice but to change to the Michelin Defender, worst mistake ever. I now dislike my prius and Michelin everytime i get in my car and see the 8mpg reduction in gas mileage. I used to take a lot of pride in getting just over 52mpg, now it is a struggle to get 44mpg because of the Michelin Defender.. This means 80 miles less per tank full, if you like good mpg do not make the same mistake i did and purchase the Michelin Defender. They will likely cause a 15-18% reduction in mpg on other vehicles as well compared to the energy saver, do not purchase if you like getting good gas mileage. It also makes the car a lot more sluggish on acceleration, it even feels like the car has an emergency brake stuck on when decelerating for a curve. Michelin Defender was an awful mistake i wish i could return them for a better mpg tire.
Monday, February 19, 2018 by Karlos

I need new tires for my 2013. 911 carrera
I want a smooth ride with all the expectations from a porsche
Performance you’ve come to expect

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