Firestone Precision Touring: A Great Touring Tire for an Excellent Value

Gaining much popularity with consumers as of late is the Firestone Precision Touring. This tire, which features a 70,000 mile treadlife warranty, has been well praised for its performance in all conditions, including snow. It has also received high scores in hydroplaning resistance, dry traction, steering response and ride comfort. For a tire that seems to do everything well, the price of the Firestone Precision Touring often comes as a surprise. 

At a price point that is significantly lower than most of its competition, this tire really delivers. At the moment, the Firestone Precision Touring is ranked second in our Tire Survey Results, and sits only behind the prestigious Michelin Defender.

This Standard Touring All-Season tire is developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans, family minivans and crossover vehicles looking for year-round capability and comfort. Molding a silica-enhanced all-season tread compound into a symmetric design featuring wide shoulders flanking interlocking ribs provides dry road response and handling. Four circumferential grooves help water through the tire's footprint for wet traction while multiple notches and sipes provide biting edges that improve traction in light snow. The tire's structure includes twin high tensile steel belts on top of a polyester carcass to deliver strength, ride quality and handling.

To see if the Firestone Precision Touring is available for your application, shop by vehicle.

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