Eibach Now Offering New Products for Modern Muscle

New suspension products available for 2011 Eibach Pro-Plus KitMustang GT and Camaro SS!
One of the many challenges faced by purchasers of brand new vehicles is the lack of support from the aftermarket. Although these newly purchased vehicles still contain that desirable new car smell, transmit a comfortable ride and run without hesitation, they often leave much to be desired in terms of performance. 
One of the most basic and popular changes to new vehicles is that of their suspension setup. Whether the intent is to lower vehicle height, raise vehicle height, improve handling characteristics or improve ride quality, Tire Rack offers products from several world renowned manufacturers to build a set-up that works for you. 
Perfect examples include the 2011 Mustang GT and 2010 Camaro SS. Despite having many desirable traits from the factory, including punchy V8 engines, test results show they are not without improvement.

For more information and test results featuring both the new 5.0 Mustang GT and Camaro SS, watch Eibach 2011 Mustang GT Shoot-Out.

Shop by vehicle to see which suspension products work best for your vehicle. 

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