Dunlop Signature II: A Consumer Favorite for a Reasonable Price

If you drive a car that accepts a Standard Touring All-Season tire and aren't looking to break the bank on your purchase, you may want to take a look at the Dunlop Signature II. While this tire can not quite keep pace with class leaders such as the Continental TrueContact, the Dunlop Signature II offers good all-season performance, is relatively quiet and comes with a competitive mileage warranty. Furthermore, Dunlop offers this performance at one of the lowest costs among brand name manufacturers. While it has not been on the market all that long, the tire has been catching on with consumers and is a frequent topic of conversation given its competitive price. 

Dunlop currently produces the Signature II in 14 sizes that range from 14"-17". All Dunlop Signature II tires feature a symmetrical tread pattern and a T-speed rating (118mph). 

Take a look at our consumer reviews to see what drivers are saying about their experience with the tire.

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