Cryo-Treated Rotors: What's the Difference?

For quite some time, Tire Rack has partnered with Centric to bring customers premium replacement rotors for a huge range of cars, trucks and SUVs. In more recent years, Centric has begun a process of cryo-treating rotors in an effort to increase their hardness and durability.

Per Centric, who is also the parent company for Power Slot and StopTech, the cryo-treating process adds the following traits to their rotors:

"Longevity, abrasive wear-resistance and strength are ensured as each rotor goes through a deep cryogenic process. Cooled to -300 degrees Fahrenheit and then slowly returned to room temperature, the cryogenic process permanently and dramatically affects the metal structure inhibiting internal oxidation and increasing thermal fatigue resistance. Cryogenically treated rotors can last up to three times as long as untreated rotors"

If you have a vehicle that has had issues warping rotors or are a person that drives harder than average, you may find that the added cost incurred with cryo-treating may alleviate your problems. That said, the cryo-treating process does add cost to your order, and for a large majority of customers who use their vehicles as daily drivers and have not encountered any warping issues, the standard Centric High Carbon Plain 125 Series Rotor may be best. 

Aside from the extreme cooling process that hardens the rotor, the two castings are identical and both offer excellent quality.  

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