Bridgestone DriveGuard: A Year in Review

This time a year ago, little was known about the Bridgestone DriveGuard, a tire that's currently our best-selling run-flat option. Over the course of a year, this tire has proven itself in a wide array of weather conditions, has been subject to internal testing and has climbed to the very top of our consumer reviews.

While perhaps having a slightly harsher ride than a traditional tire, the DriveGuard provides an increase in ride comfort compared to most previous generation run-flat tires. It also costs less than most Original Equipment run-flat products, wears better and is a more competent all-season. For these reasons, the tire has been embraced by BMW 3 and 5 series customers, owners of MINI Cooper models and a host of other consumers whose vehicles came standard with run-flat tires.

While the DriveGuard may be the best seller in these segments, it can be used by anyone looking for extended mobility and the peace of mind that comes with a run-flat tire. The only requirement to using the Bridgestone DriveGuard is to have a vehicle equipped with tire pressure monitor sensors.

To read more about this tire, see our internal test notes and consumer driven surveys!



Monday, January 9, 2017 by Carl

I need to buy for the first time RFT. Many reviews are out there and one never knows what to really believe.
Most recent as of January 2017 state continental contiprocontact SSR is the best available. Some list Pirelli cinturato P7 as the best with the bridgestone drive guard as a runner up. Others still list Michelin pilot sport as the best.
Your review is about 1.8 - 2 yrs old and list the innovation with bridgestone but Pirelli is better.

Question on this review - is the bridgestone still the best seller of RFT? And did they make the improvements to the wet weather you listed from the 2014 report?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 by Tire Rack Team

Carl, It depends what you are looking for, but if you are looking for the quietest and most comfortable ride, the Driveguard is best and what I use on my personal vehicle. --

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