Bridgestone Snow Tires Not Just for Cars

AlthoBridgestone Blizzak DMV1ugh the Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 and new WS70 tires have been popular performers for drivers of sports sedans, coupes and small crossovers, these two chart-topping tires aren't available in certain sizes for drivers of sport utility vehicles or light trucks. 

Not to fear, as Bridgestone also makes a tire for this market segment with the Blizzak DM-V1. Featuring the same popular tread compound and design as the WS70, the DM-V1 is designed for larger diameter wheels and overall heights normally associated with truck fitments. Developed for the drivers of pickups and SUVs, the tire's focus is on ice traction and braking, as well as wet road handling and hydroplaning resistance to provide wintertime driving competence.

Sand bags for rear traction can only get you so far, so take a look at this winter / snow tire that features larger tread blocks for stability and reduced tread squirm, while still providing an excellent bite and superb channeling ability. Although many people try to add corner weight to add traction, one can never forget the important role your tires play.

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