The WS70 Continues the Blizzak Legacy

As tBridgestone Blizzak WS70he start of the winter season fast approaches, I have received several calls from customers looking for snow tire replacements or drivers wanting to try snow tires for the first time. Tire Rack has long carried the Bridgestone brand of tires and customers have always been pleased with the Blizzak winter line. It seems quite often, customers will call up asking specifically for these tires and over the years the Blizzak name has generated quite a following. 

Although the Blizzak tires have been great performers, no company in this demanding industry can forgo design improvements. As such, the WS70 was born. As a replacement for the well-loved WS60, the Blizzak WS70 promises to be the most advanced Studless Ice and Snow tire from Bridgestone and an industry leader. Featuring an aggressive tread pattern, a high number of sipes, a deep starting tread depth and an advanced molecular compound, these tires work great to conquer the most demanding of conditions. 

I recently had the chance to test these tires on a local ice rink and was amazed at the difference between a dedicated snow tire and a competent all-season. In it's category, the tire is currently the top-rated tire, as consumers love the tires light snow traction, deep snow traction and ride comfort. Take a look at the Tire Survey Results.

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