Where have all the classic cars gone?

I am often approached with the question: "Why can't I find more fitments for my muscle car or vintage automobile?"

The goal of Tire Rack is to provide products for all vehicle makes and models. However, due to the availability of the "classic" automobile/truck and the desired range of looks from vintage to heavily modified street machines, it is not feasible for Tire Rack to catalog all of these fitments. With the limited number of vintage cars now on the road and coupled with the geometric suspension changes over time, there is not a great deal of participation from the manufacturers that build wheels to match the engineering designs of the classic automobile. Thus, it places the vintage vehicle in the "custom" fitment which relies on the customer's expert knowledge and understanding of the requirements for proper fitment. 

Tire Rack's business model is designed around the concept of providing comprehensive understanding of your vehicle based on our engineering team's measurements. Thus, we do not rely on any other source for this information and build all of our fitments around the measured specifications. Once this information is gathered, our engineers then cross-reference the criteria of load capacity and speed ratings against the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. When considering the specifications of a vintage era automobile, there is very little documentation available. We then rely heavily on our customers to provide vehicles for us to measure proper fitment and match all of the products that meet the criteria for safety and engineering. 

When looking for your classic muscle car ... you might consider some of the American Racing Hot Rod Series:

American Racing T71R   American Racing Hopster   American Racing Torq Thrust M

And don't forget to dress those wheels properly.  Here are a few of the most popular tire choices for vintage hot rodders:

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500    BF Goodrich Radial T/A    Goodyear Eagle GT II

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