What is "Plus Sizing" and what are the benefits?

Plus sizing is an option allowing drivers to customize the appearance and performance of their vehicle by mounting lower profile tires on larger diameter wheels. One-inch greater wheel diameter is referred to as plus-one, two inches is plus-two... and so on. Using a lower profile tire with a greater diameter rim allows the overall diameter to remain about the same, giving your vehicle a unique look with a new wheel and tire package.  You can find a complete lists all the wheels available for your vehicle at: Wheel Brands. Enter your vehicles make, model, and year in the field on the left and we will show you all the wheels our engineers have found to fit your vehicle. We will also give you the option to find tires in the correct size for your car or truck.  Here you will find new releases from OZ, BBS, Breyton, ASA and others. Find something your like ..... call me at 800-428-8355 x:692. Mason


Wednesday, November 3, 2010 by David Taylor

What would be Tire Rack's recommendation for the max. overall diameter difference between the original tire and a +1 size (percentage). I've heard between 1 and 3% max. Thanks.
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 by steve

Hi 2001 525i sport currently 235/45/17 can I got to 235/50 or 55/17 and have enough wheel well clearence? Thanks, Steve

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