Are your run-flat tires leaving you flat?

Most vehicle owners are left with the understanding that run-flat tires must be reinstalled if original to the car. Not true!

Others have indicated a non-run-flat tire cannot be installed on the Original Equipment wheel if replacing a run-flat tire. Once again...not exactly true!

Many of the automotive manufacturers have selected run-flat tires not only for their safety benefits, but to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle by eliminating the spare tire. This technology has proven to be successful but at a cost to the driver. The run-flat tires do not offer a large selection, will not last as long as their non-run-flat counterpart, and are more expensive based on the technology involved in engineering this type of tire. 

Are there other options? 

Continental Comfort Kit
Certainly...Continental Tire Corporation has developed a repair kit that will extend the mobility of a tire that has lost pressure. The ContiComfort Kit is a portable, lightweight alternative to those seeking to eliminate their run-flat tire. This kit is available from Tire Rack and will arrive at your door within a few short days. 

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