What is the bubble on my tire?

A customer emailed me today about a bubble on the sidewall of one of his Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires. He thought it may have been a defect in the tire. What he actually has was a sidewall bubble.What is a sidewall bubble?A sidewall bubble is a bulge protruding from the sidewall of the tire. It is caused by air leaking from the inside of the tire...  Read More

Tire Test in Car and Driver leaves out my favorite value performance tire.

Car and Driver recently performed a test of lower cost performance summer tires using the much more expensive Michelin PS2 as a benchmark.   Great idea.  Several brands were in the test including Kumho, Bridgestone, and Dunlop, but were was the Sumitomo HTRZIII?  In our own testing this tire was simply outstanding and may have won the Car and Driver...  Read More

Ceramic replacement brake pads can help keep your wheels clean.

Many BMW owners find their wheels covered in brake dust after only a couple hundred miles of driving. Waxing your wheels can help, but a better solution to consider is installing a set of replacement ceramic brake pads, like the Hawk Performance Ceramic pads. While they do not have quite the level of initial 'bite' as the OE pads, they produce noticeably...  Read More