Who Makes the Quietest Winter Tires?

While most drivers expect a winter / snow tire to be louder due to their more aggressive tread patterns, there are some winter tires that are quieter than others. You may not have to give up the smooth and quiet ride that you've come to appreciate with your non-winter tires if you choose wisely.

When it comes to comparing winter / snow tires, most drivers look at options in the Studless Ice & Snow and Performance Winter / Snow categories. Tires in the Studless Ice & Snow category focus on maximum snow and ice traction, while Performance Winter / Snow tires sacrifice some traction in slippery conditions for better dry road handling and a quicker steering response. 

 Michelin Xice Xi3
Michelin X-Ice Xi3
 Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3
Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3

Michelin is known in the tire industry for producing quiet all-season tires, and we've found that the same is true for their winter tires. Among the more aggressive Studless Ice & Snow tires, the quietest tire as rated by customer feedback is the Michelin X-Ice Xi3. The tire is fantastic on ice and in snow, and also meets Michelin's Green X standard for low rolling resistance and confirms the tire's contribution to reducing vehicle fuel consumption and emissions of CO2 gases.

When it comes to Performance Winter / Snow tires, take a look at Michelin's Pilot Alpin PA3. The tire also meets Michelin's Green X standard for low rolling resistance, while featuring an asymmetric tread design with Variable Thickness Sipes technology where wide sipes on the inboard side provide traction in the snow and narrower sipes on the outboard enhance dry road handling.

Take a look at all the winter tires available from Michelin and see if one is right for your application.

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