What tire sizes are available?

You can search by size if you know your tire size. You can also search by vehicle to see what the recommended tire size is.  For the vast majority of customers, these two ways of searching are ideal. 

However, what if you need to go outside of the box for a custom vehicle or race application and need to see a list of what sizes are available? A little known tool will be of great use to you if this is the case:

Tire Sizes by Diameter

Here you'll find quick answers to some of your questions:
  • What is the largest 16" tire available?
  • What is the lowest profile 18" tire available?
  • What tire sizes are available in 13"?
So, if you're looking for answers to the above questions or a similar question, check out Tire Sizes by Diameter or give one of our sales specialists a call!

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