What are the Quietest Tires Available for 2013? Find Out Here!

In a recent post, "Best Tire Brands for Long Treadwear", some of the longest wearing tires were discussed and how treadlife is one of the most important factors that consumers consider when deciding which tires to buy. In addition to treadlife, tire noise is a major factor to most drivers when selecting a new set of tires. Who wants to listen to the drone of a loud tire during a daily commute or road trip. Besides being a nuisance, loud tire noise can keep a driver from hearing other sounds that can affect vehicle maintenance and safety.

Tires that generally make the least amount of noise typically come from the following performance categories:

  • Standard Touring All-Season
  • Passenger All-Sean
  • Grand Touring All-Season

Many years ago, summer tires were the quietest tires available while all-season tires were louder due to their more aggressive tread patterns. Tire technology has come a long way and the market has changed. Newer summer tires are now primarily focused on high levels of grip, handling and quick steering response, with less focus on road noise. All-season tires are now the best choice for those after a quiet ride. The following tires are some of the top picks for low road noise in three of the quietest categories:

 Michelin Defender
Michelin Defender
 Hankook Optimo H727
Hankook Optimo H727
Stop putting up with loud tires! Shop by vehicle to find a quiet set of tires for your car, truck or crossover.


Monday, May 27, 2013 by Mike Usiak

Just got flat on my run flat tires....2011 BMW 328i xdrive.....looking for a non-run flat that is quiet ride....can I use same rims for a non flat tire replacement....Thanks in advance....Mike
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 by Gary


I can check into this for you. What tire size (s) are you using?

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