What are the Best Run-Flat Winter Tires?

Some newer models of luxury and high-performance vehicles like BMW and Mercedes-Benz come equipped from the factory with run-flat tires. Most of these vehicles have no spare tire, so many drivers who use dedicated winter / snow tires choose to stick with a run-flat design. Over three years ago in the article, "Which Run-Flat Winter / Snow Tires Should I Choose?", the top recommendations were the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 RFT and Dunlop Winter Sport M3 ROF.  

 Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serei II Run Flat
Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II
Run Flat
 Bridgestone Blizzak LM60 RFT
Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60
 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Run Flat
Pirelli Scorpion Winter
Run Flat

The Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II Run Flat is the next-generation of the original Sottozero RFT.  Like its predecessor, it offers better dry grip and steering response compared to most other winter tires, but a noticeable step down in snow and ice traction versus the others in its category. 

In many sizes, the newer Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 RFT has replaced the older Blizzak LM-25 RFT. The Blizzak LM-60 RFT uses a much more aggressive tread pattern which gives it great snow and ice traction. It still uses a performance winter tire construction and rubber compound so it still offers good handling and steering response for a winter tire. 

For those drivers of SUVs, crossovers and performance crossover vehicles, the Pirelli Scorpion Winter Run Flat is a top choice. Like its non-run flat counterpart, it has very good snow and ice traction, wet grip and good handling on dry roads compared to other winter tires.  

Be sure to check out our Tire Decision Guide for more information and help.  

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