Use Your Stock Wheels for Winter, New Wheels for Spring

Recently I gave reasons why you may want to buy wheels with your winter tires. Today let's talk about the flip side...

What are some good reasons why you may want to wait until spring for new wheels and use your stock wheels for your new winter tires:
  • You have enough to worry about in expenses this time of year (saving for holiday gifts, travel etc.) so it is better to put off buying a set of new alloy wheels until spring.
  • Your tax refund will be here in spring and that will be a better time financially to upgrade to that wheel package you've had your eye on.
  • Spring will be your chance to upgrade. Admit it, you've been eying a new set of alloy wheels since you got the car.
  • Since your summer tires are about gone anyway, you can use those alloys that are getting grungy for the winter and upgrade in the spring. It's your chance to go to a larger size wheel and tire and improve the handling and appearance of your car.
  • New wheel styles are often released in spring, you want the newest style available.
So there you have it -- some convincing reasons to use your original wheels as winter wheels and some justification to upgrade to a new set of alloys in the spring.

Start by looking for the winter / snow tires you need for your stock wheels and then add some wheels and tires to your wish list for spring!

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