Too Early to Think About Winter Wheels and Tires?

It's blistering hot across most of the country, but I've been getting more and more calls guessed it from the title...winter tires

At first, one might think, why now? It's not even August yet!  

However, considering the large number of clearance wheels available at Tire Rack and the fact that many winter tires are still available from last season, now might be a good time to plan ahead and make that purchase early.

Reasons to purchase now :
  • Clearance prices are available on wheels for many vehicles. 
  • Beat the rush instead of getting left out in the cold (literally).
  • Choose which winter tires you want instead of what is left over.
  • Bolt on the package at your convenience instead of waiting till the snow flies.
  • Have peace of mind that this decision is taken care of well in advance.
The winter tires you want aren't in stock yet? No problem! You can still order the wheels and tires and Tire Rack will automatically ship them out to you, mounted and balanced, when the  inventory arrives in September and October!

What is available for your car? Find out here before you see this:

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