Three Tire Brands You Shouldn't Overlook When Shopping for Affordable Tires

It can be easy for a consumer to be overwhelmed by the dozens of tire brands available on the market. During the shopping process, unfortunately many tire shoppers often overlook unfamiliar brands of tires without actually looking into them first. It's understandable that very few people want to take the time to research all of the lesser-known brands of tires that are available. Here are three top choices for affordable tire brands that you may not have heard of, but should definitely consider for your next set of replacement tires:


General is one of those brand names that many people have actually heard of, but dismiss because it just doesn't sound like a premium brand of tire. Some may even feel the same way about Continental, the parent company of General Tires. Globally, Continental is considered to be a top-tier tire producer along with Bridgestone and Michelin. In the U.S. it has less of a following, yet it produces some of the best tires in many categories. Some of this same technology is used in its General brand of tires. One shining example is the General AltiMAX RT43, which continues to rank among the highest rated tires in our customer survey data in the popular Standard Touring All-Season category.  You can check out more information about this great tire by reading, "The All-Season General AltiMAX RT43 is Number One."


Sumitomo may sound like a no-name brand of tire, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Sumitomo Rubber Industries traces its origins back to 1909 when it made an investment in Dunlop Japan. It eventually took over Dunlop Japan and forged partnerships with Goodyear Tire. As of today, it still retains most of the Dunlop brand of tires. Whether a result of over a hundred years of experience or by partnerships with other leading tire manufacturers, the result is that Sumitomo produces a high-quality tire and often at lower price. 


The name "Kumho" translates from Korean to "bright lake". Created in 1977, it is not as old as Sumitomo, but nonetheless Kumho has proven it can produce great tires across various performance categories. It maintains three research and development centers, including one in Akron, Ohio and one in Burmingham, England. Their dedication to making a quality tire for an affordable price shows in their products. For example, the Kumho ECSTA PA31 is currently ranked second in crowded High Performance All-Season category - beating out many more recognized brands.  

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