Should I Rotate My Tires?

A good question came up in one of my BMW forums, Bimmerfest, this week:

Trying to decide if I should rotate my 17-inch non-staggered tires, front to back. Some people seem to feel rotating the tires will just mess them up, cause more noise or wear poorly. Which is closer to the truth? Thanks. 


I would suggest rotating the tires. The benefits of longer and more regular wear are normally well worth the effort. A good interval to follow is the 3000-5000 mile range. Since tires wear more quickly when they are at full tread depth, try to get those first couple of rotations done closer to the 3000 mile interval. As the tires get older, you can put it off to closer to the 5000 mile mark.

Not sure how to rotate your tires? Check your vehicle's owners manual first as vehicle manufacturers often have vehicle specific recommendations. If there is no specific recommendation by the manufacturer, you can follow this chart :

Tire Rotation Chart
Learn more about the benefits of tire rotation in this tech article. It explains what to do if you have directional tires and how to perform a five tire rotation as well.

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