Results from New Ultra High Performance All-Season Test

For the best handling, steering response and grip in the warmer months, the best performance tires are typically summer-only tires. For maximum ice and snow traction, and for the best safety for subfreezing conditions, choose a set of dedicated winter / snow tires.

However, having two sets of tires isn't an option or needed for some drivers, so the next best alternative is to choose an all-season tire. For drivers of many sportier vehicles and for those with a more aggressive driving style, tires in the the Ultra High Performance All-Season category are usually the most appropriate choice. In a previous post, "Which Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires Should I Choose?", we discussed a few good options, however several new offerings have been introduced since. 

As mentioned in the video, Ultra High Performance All-Season tires are tuned to deliver nimble handling, good traction in dry and wet conditions and some winter capability along with reasonable treadlife. For the driver who wants to enjoy the sporty nature of their performance car, as well as use one tire for all seasons, tires in this category are a good choice.

On the street, our test team of over 100 professionals liked the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 A/S for its quick steering response and reasonable road manners. It also took top marks on our track, turning the quickest lap times of the group. The Dunlop Signature HP had the best ride quality among the group, but was not quite as responsive or fast on the track.   

Would you like to know more? Check out the full test results by reading, "Testing Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires - Do New Options Raise the Performance Bar?"

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