Replacement Tires for Mazda CX-7

Last year, I bought a 2010 Mazda CX-7 that was equipped with Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires.

These Original Equipment tires were just okay. Our customer survey data on the tire  shows the tire to be average and I agree with that assessment.

For my replacement tires, I was considering three options:

Dunlop Signature CS

Yokohama AVID ENVigor 

Michelin Lattitude Tour HP

Which tire did I choose for my crossover? While the Michelin Latitude Tour HP was the highest rated of the three. The Dunlop Signature CS has a smooth and quiet ride, but I will end up buying the Yokohama AVID ENVigor. 

Why? I've driven on all three tires during our testing program and found that the Yokohama AVID ENVigor had the best performance blend that I am looking for in regards to handing, steering response, wet and dry grip and treadwear. This is not the first Yokohama tire that I've used and I've been very happy with them in the past!

You don't have to be a tire expert to make decisions like this. You can use the Tire Rac's Tire Decision Guide, view consumer reviews and read testing data to help you make the right selection.


Thursday, October 20, 2011 by chris

Hope you enjoy your new tires. I had a 2007 CX-7 that had the Goodyear RSA's as well. Noisy and barely made 40K miles. Went to Yokohama Parada Spec X and was very pleased. Great in the wet, quiet, smoother ride. I traded-in the CX-7 earlier this year, but who buys it is getting one set of great tires!

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