Performance Snow Tires or Studless Compound Snow tires?

When shopping for winter tires, this question often comes up:

Should you purchase a winter / snow tire that has the absolute best ice and snow traction like a Studless Ice and Snow tire?  Or, should you find more of a compromise that has a good balance of snow traction along with good dry and wet grip for those day when snow is not on the road by getting a Performance Winter / Snow tire

There are two main attitudes/thought processes regarding this decision. One is that most of the time you'll be driving on dry or well plowed roads, so you should lean towards one of the H- or V-rated Performance Snow Tires like the Dunlop Winter Sport 3D or Blizzak LM60. The other thought is that driving on dry roads is pretty easy even with a more aggressive snow tire (though not as fun...) but that tire will deliver maximum traction and safety when you need it most as snow conditions can be challenging.

I tend to err on the conservative side and lean towards the more aggressive winter tires by using the Bridgestone Blizzak WS-70 (shown above).

You can see what is available for your vehicle here!

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